Jen Morilla / The Social Girl Traveler

LIFE-LIVER. DREAM GO-GETTER. DRIVEN BY SOCIAL IMPACT. If you think I’m just a travel blogger, think again. When I’m traveling the world I’m on a mission to discover humanity, understand a culture and connect emotionally with people… and as I do that, I am tirelessly driven to leave a little something behind that can change a life. That is exactly why, after starting a great career in the New York City agency world, I decided to turn what I learned in my Masters in Social Entrepreneurship into ACTION. That is why I’ve pivoted with PURPOSE, to align talent, mission, impact and business into everything I do today. Fast forward now, I’ve traveled to 35 countries (and counting) on 6 continents. I’ve impacted an estimated 2,000 people in 5 countries. and continue to grow as an ambassador to young professionals like me who may be afraid to turn their passion into a purposeful career.