Jennifer Still

Jennifer is a TV writer at Bustle, where she loves to talk about reality TV, Netflix documentaries, and basically anything that she can binge-watch and come up with wild theories about later. Before Bustle, Jennifer was the Founding Editor at HelloGiggles and Bolde. She has bylines in Vanity Fair, Glamour, Decider, Paste Mag, Buzzfeed, Mic, and more. She went to The New School in New York where she studied creative writing and media studies. When she's not talking about TV or watching it, she's probably drinking too much iced coffee (yes, even in winter) and thinking about her next trip abroad. She has a stack of books on her bedside table that she swears she'll get through, but so far she's read less than half the 50 books she set as her GoodReads goal for 2019. You can follow her @jenniferlstill on Twitter.