Jordan Hughes
Jordan is Bustle's Social Media Editor. When she's not on the Internet she can be found feeling her feelings and perfecting the art of breakfast tacos.

Bustle's Most Wanted: Everlane's Tees

As long as I can remember, I've been on the hunt for the most essential, simple, and somehow elusive fashion staple for my closet — the perfect white tee. Through the years, I've spent way too much money and time on my search, only to continually…
By Jordan Hughes

This Is What Balayage Actually Does To Your Hair

2016 was a mess of a year — and believe me, not even my hair was spared by it's wrath. After harsh bleaching, misplaced highlights, and insane breakage, I found myself throwing in the towel. One day after work, I walked into a salon and told a…
By Jordan Hughes

Katy Perry's Colorist Reveals The Real Reason She Colored Her Hair

Have you seen Katy Perry recently? Because honestly, she looks ah-mah-zing. Everything about her seems so fresh and new right now — from her latest single to her stunning new hairstyle. A few weeks ago, the internet was set on fire when Katy Perry…
By Jordan Hughes

I Got A Facial For The First Time & It Changed My Life

Confession: I'm a 27-year-old virgin. That is, when it comes to getting facials. I recently told my co-worker (and the beauty hero of my life, Sara Tan) that I've actually never gone to an esthetician before and she was shocked. After some gentle…
By Jordan Hughes

How My Over-Bleached Hair Became Healthy Again

Recently, I took a few wrong turns with my color and ended up turning the bronde bayalage of my dreams into a brassy and brittle nightmare. After months of dealing with hair drama, I felt that I'd never get my over-bleached hair back to a healthy…
By Jordan Hughes

Me Texting My Dog

By Jordan Hughes & Austin Martin Courrege

The 15 Terrible Stages of Commuting In NYC

Ah, New York City — theres no place else quite like it, and a LOT of people seem to agree with that. How do I know this? Because I am a commuter in NYC, and in my travels to and from work I have seen probably every human being on the planet. The…
By Jordan Hughes