Kristina Marusic
Kristina Marusic is a Pittsburgh-based journalist focusing on LGBT equality, feminism, social and environmental justice, and politics with bylines at the Washington Post, Slate, Vice, Women's Health, Fusion, MTV News, and The Advocate among others. She's also currently working on a memoir. You can find her work at
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Our Parents Are Broke & So Are We. Now What?

For the last four years, Michelle Thompson, a 22-year-old communications associate at a civil engineering firm in Salt Lake City, has been helping her mom get by. “Since the age of 17, I've bailed my mom out at least once a year when she had expenses…
By Kristina Marusic

Who Will Take Care Of Me If I Don't Have Kids?

I’m 33 and childless, and I’m pretty sure I want to remain that way forever. Most of the time, I feel secure about my decision to never have children. But it does raise some questions. For one, I wonder who will take care of me when I’m an old woman …
By Kristina Marusic

Men Shoot Guns For Fun — Women Keep Them For Protection

Liberte Austin has over 130,000 Instagram followers, which isn’t that unusual. What is unusual is that, in addition to the standard selfies, memes, and pictures of her dog, there are also tons of photos of her with guns. In shot after shot, the 30-so…
By Kristina Marusic

Stockpiles, Self-Reliance, & Survival Skills — How Some Women Are Preparing For Our Uncertain Future

For the month of October, Bustle's #blessed series will explore how young women are searching for meaning, finding connections to a higher power, and navigating spirituality in 2017. Kristen Tyler, a 36-year-old Portland resident who works as the dir…
By Kristina Marusic

Gun Reform Is Possible — If We Learn From The Fight For Gay Marriage & Healthcare

When devastating tragedies like the mass shooting in Las Vegas happen, it’s easy to feel powerless. After all, the statistics are grim: The U.S has one of the highest rates of death by guns in the developed world, and we now average more than one mas…
By Kristina Marusic

The Meaning Behind Miley Cyrus’ “She's Not Him” Is A Really Big Deal For Sexuality

As soon as she released a 15 second teaser of the track on social media last week, fans wanted to know what Miley Cyrus’ song "She’s Not Him" is really about. Many even went ahead to speculate the song speaks to how she was still hung up on her then-…
By Kristina Marusic

How I Ditched My Promise Ring And Any Shame I Had About My Sexuality

For the month of September, Bustle’s Sex TBH package is talking about sex, honestly. We’re delving into how women approach the things they’re taught to be shy or embarrassed about in the bedroom — and, in doing so, we're liberating people to live the…
By Kristina Marusic