Lila Nordstrom is a Los Angeles-based writer who specializes in analyzing and editing scripts, book-to-film projects, and treatments. She is also writes at and is the co-host of a weekly political podcast, Brain Trust Live. In her spare time Lila runs StuyHealth, an organization that does outreach and advocacy work for 9/11 survivors and for which she blogs at The Guardian, Huffington Post, and other outlets.

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10 Books That Bring Some Summer Fun To The Cold

Wintertime brings many wonderful things, among them a plethora of vacation days, stylish coats, and an excuse to drink hot chocolate wherever and whenever. For many of us, however, our romanticized snow-adventuring expectations for the winter holiday…
By Lila Nordstrom

8 Books About The Past That Still Feel Modern

Sometimes books set in the days of yore — whichever yore it is — can seem hard to relate to. After all, although people for much of history have faced the same general philosophical issues we do today — questions about why we are here and who we want…
By Lila Nordstrom

The 8 Best Bookstores in Los Angeles

First off, did you know that there are more than eight bookstores in L.A.? Given how most of my friends back east talk, it seems like that probably needs to be clarified before we can continue. Sure, we’re a city famous for living in an airheaded, la…
By Lila Nordstrom

11 Books To Give Friends Who Say They Hate To Read

Since I work in Hollywood, I have plenty of smart, articulate, interesting friends who... haven’t read a book in years. For the most part, it’s because their love of television and film is that deep. These are the kinds of people who can name all man…
By Lila Nordstrom

10 Great Only Children In Books

Only children get a bad rap. Everyone thinks we hate sharing and demand attention. Although we may be a little spoiled sometimes — hey, admitting it makes it better, right? — the thing is that for all the supposed spotlight we get growing up, adultho…
By Lila Nordstrom

9 Books To Get You Through Your First Office Job

So, you’ve left the comfy confines of college only to find yourself a newly minted suit-wearer in a carpeted, cubicled, windowless box. Welcome to the working world! You spent the last four years at a glorious gothic campus surrounded by passionate p…
By Lila Nordstrom