Lily is a writer, actor, and New York City native. Her work has been featured on and the DailyMail. She performs and studies improv and storytelling at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and was the writer and host of the comedy webseries “The Cuteness W/Lily Feinn” for which she is a YouTube Partner. She studied playwriting at Barnard College. Most importantly, she is a competitive pinball player, and a member of the team The Pinbabes, the only all-female pinball team in NY and the current champions of the NYC pinball league.

The One TJ's Item To Try Based On Your Astrological Sign

Sick of buying the same bag of peanut butter-filled pretzels each trip to Trader Joe's? Want to try something new, but feel overwhelmed by the immense selection? Let the stars be your shopping guide! Just as the zodiac can help you find a perfect…
By Lily Feinn