Morgan Brinlee

Morgan has worked as part of the Bustle News Team to cover everything from breaking news, politics, policy, world happenings and a variety of social issues since 2016. She particularly loves writing about issues of inclusion, reproductive rights, and press freedom. Her past work includes bylines at Diablo Magazine, thePlazz, a copyediting stint at Turkey's longest-running English language newspaper and a foreign correspondent internship in Turkey with Although currently based in Portland, Oregon, Morgan spent more than three years living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. It was there that she discovered a love for Islamic architecture, güllaç (a Turkish dessert made with thin pastry, milk, pomegranate and, if you're lucky, pistachio) and Barış Manço (Turkey's best rock'n'roller). Morgan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities & Journalism from San Francisco State University. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and people living around the world. Other hobbies include discovering new products at Trader Joe's and spinning classic Anatolian rock records. When not covering news or breaking down complex policy proposals, Morgan likes to race Jessica Fletcher in discovering who done it on "Murder, She Wrote" reruns.