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Here's Why Julie Adenuga Is the Most Inspirational Woman In British Music RN

It’s difficult not to admire Julie Adenuga, Beats 1 anchor and all-round excellent woman. Whether she’s broadcasting grime to the globe, or mentoring aspiring music industry moguls, the 30-year-old North Londoner is constantly effecting change. Unsur…
By Emily Dixon

Could This 'Friends' Trivia BE Any Harder?

Are you a true Friends fan, or are you and the show on a break? Take this trivia to find out.
By Samantha Rullo

'The Flash' Cast Teases A "Dysfunctional" Season That Goes Back To Basics

The Flash always likes to leave fans on a cliffhanger before heading into summer hiatus, and the Season 3 finale brought its biggest yet. Viewers last saw Barry Allen heading into the Speed Force, possibly forever, which means we need The Flash Seaso…
By Samantha Rullo

The First 'Punisher' Sneak Peek Shows An Even Darker Side Of The Vigilante

Marvel may be notorious for its secrecy, but the studio always comes through for its fans. At San Diego Comic-Con this year, the studio held a panel about its next Netflix series, The Defenders, but surprised fans with much more. After a brief introd…
By Samantha Rullo

The First 'Walking Dead' Season 8 Trailer Drops At SDCC & It's Time For War

The return of The Walking Dead is still months away, but fans are already growing impatient as they wait to find out the fates of the TV characters who spend the most time in mortal danger each week. Then on July 21, we finally got some info thanks t…
By Samantha Rullo

'Hey Arnold!' Creator Addresses Dark Pigeon Man Theory & He’s Not Happy About It

Usually, watching your favorite childhood shows is just a fun, nostalgic way to take a break from being a grown-up. But sometimes, seeing those classics as an adult makes you notice the deeper meanings that went totally over your head as a kid. That'…
By Samantha Rullo

'Underground's Aisha Hinds Warns That We're Not As Free As We Think In 2017

Underground is not a history lesson. While the WGN America series depicts the very real struggles and achievements of the Underground Railroad, it dives much deeper into the humanity of its characters — which include real historical figures — than an…
By Samantha Rullo

Bryce From '13 Reasons Why' Is A Rapist Whose Relatability Makes Him Even Scarier

The very premise of 13 Reasons Why suggests that the series is filled with villains. It centers on the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who killed herself and left behind a set of cassette tapes explaining why. Each reason is directly tie…
By Samantha Rullo

'13 Reasons Why' Changed From Page To Screen & That's Fine With Jay Asher

When bringing a book from page to screen, things are going to change — it's inevitable. But that doesn't mean fans of a book should write off its adaptation, especially when the author is involved. In fact, the differences between Netflix's 13 Reason…
By Samantha Rullo

Bustle's Most Wanted: Baby Groot From 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2'

As has been the case for the past decade, 2017 is saturated with superhero movies. The year has already brought Logan and The Lego Batman Movie, and before it comes to an end, will see the release of Wonder Woman, Justice League, Spider-Man: Homecomi…
By Samantha Rullo

Hannah Simone Proves That There’s No Need To Fear Change

Though you may know her from New Girl, there's much more to Hannah Simone than Cece Parekh. After spending her childhood in many countries, she's spent her adult life exploring different careers from acting, modeling, and producing to her former role…
By Samantha Rullo

Joy Could Be A Great Villain If 'Iron Fist' Would Let Her Grow

Iron Fist has a lot of problems. From major issues that have been criticized for months, like Asian representation and cultural appropriation, to basic struggles with pacing and character development, it is easily the most flawed of Netflix's Marvel …
By Samantha Rullo

'Underground's Cast Says Anyone Can Be A Soldier

A woman's hands being lashed until they bleed to save her young brother from the same fate. A man preparing to have his feet cut so badly, he will never walk the same way again. A mother throwing herself in front of a group of armed men prepared to s…
By Samantha Rullo

One 'Bachelorette' Guy Made A Bad First Impression

When Chris Harrison continuously teased that something "historic" was coming to Nick Viall's After The Final Rose special, I didn't believe him. After all, viewers have been burned before. But then he revealed that we'd be meeting some of the contest…
By Samantha Rullo

Everything You Need To Know About Gilmore Girls…

By Samantha Rullo & Kaitlyn "Shea" O'Connor

This Marvel Trivia Will Make A Hero Out Of You

Do you have what it takes to join the Avengers or the Defenders? Consider this Marvel trivia your first test.
By Samantha Rullo

This Oscars Mixup Moment Might Change Everything

It was the mistake heard 'round the world. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced that La La Land won the 2017 Best Picture Oscar, but when the film's cast and crew took the stage and started their acceptance speeches, someone realized an error had…
By Samantha Rullo

What Casey Affleck's Oscar Win Says About Power

Though the Academy Awards are meant to be a night of celebration, I found myself filled with dread as the night went on. I knew that one of the night's biggest categories was coming, and with it the possibility that Casey Affleck would win the Oscar …
By Samantha Rullo

Emma Stone Caps Off A Big Night For 'La La Land'

It seems like every year, the Best Actress category at the Oscars only becomes harder to predict. There have been so many incredible performances by women in film that each nominee — and women who didn't nab a nomination at all — truly deserves to be…
By Samantha Rullo