Sophie Cook

Sophie, known to friends as Phee, is a 22 year old born and bred in Berkshire, UK whose body and brain is currently travelling Indonesia and The Philippines. But, desires to located back in Sydney, Australia. An aspiring journalist about to begin her studies into dietetics. Phee is combatting the hurdles every girl faces between adolescence and womanhood. Enjoying life out of a suitcase, she is a bit of fitness freak and super smoothie fanatic. Founder of the, coming soon to a tropical beach near you, "Sophie's Smoothie Shack", you can usually find her stumbling across sublime scenic spots scribbing cryptic pieces of poetry or getting lost hiding behind a camera. Additionally to Elite Daily you can find Phee on the following; At her personal blog: How I Spend My Phee Time, or on Instagram and Twitter as: @sophie_acook.