Tabitha Jensen-Blankenbiller is a graduate of the Pacific University MFA program currently living in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been featured in Hobart, Brevity, Barrelhouse, The Rumpus, Passages North, and other journals. She is a regular contributor to Bustle and PDXX Collective. A native Pacific Northwesterner, she is snobby about coffee, salmon, and what constitutes an actual rainstorm. Her essay collection "Eats of Eden: A Year of Food and Fiction" is forthcoming from Alternating Current Press in Fall 2017.

Is 'Until You're Mine's' Secret Worth Keeping?

Literary thrillers are Death Valley hot right now; they're the Lupita Nyong'o of the impending summer Adirondack chair reading season. Made popular by 2012’s blockbuster Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, an obligatory, unforeseen plot twist is the latest…
By Tabitha Blankenbiller