Zachary Zane
I’m a freelance writer, contributor at PRIDE, biker, and beach bum. I love to write about anything regarding dating, sexuality, and to steal the phrase from Aziz Ansari, modern romance. I make a mean shakshuka and eat 6 eggs for breakfast daily.
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How Being In The Closet Affected My Mental Health

I first started having same-sex attractions when I was in middle school. I noticed that my erections would appear when I saw both attractive men and women, and while I was confused, at first, I didn’t question my straightness. I had been told that ki…
By Zachary Zane

It's World Blood Donor Day And I Can't Give Blood

Today, June 14, is the World Health Organization's World Blood Donor Day, and the irony doesn’t escape me. Not only can I not give blood because of my sexual orientation, but neither can the hundreds of gay and bisexual men who wanted to give blood t…
By Zachary Zane

As A Bi Guy, I Feel Less Safe With My Boyfriend

My cutoff jorts were bright pink, and my rainbow unicorn tank top was tucked into my back pocket as I pranced around Boston holding my boyfriend's hand. We screamed from rooftops, we kissed on the street, and we celebrated the one day a year that we,…
By Zachary Zane

What I've Learned Sleeping With Both Men And Women

Not all bisexuals are promiscuous; it’s a hurtful misconception that plagues bisexuals of any gender. I, however, am proudly promiscuous and staunchly sex-positive. I’m always safe, never lie, and am always mindful of my partners’ needs. I explore fe…
By Zachary Zane

7 Myths About Dating Bi Guys

When I first came out as bisexual, I thought the world would be mine for the taking. After years of struggling with my sexual orientation, I thought everything would fall into place the moment I accepted and loved myself for being bi. I also thought …
By Zachary Zane

The Sex Act I Believe Every Man Should Experience

The first time I was penetrated, I was 22. I had been dating a guy for six months, and while he enjoyed “topping,” he “bottomed” for me because, if I’m being completely honest, I was afraid it would hurt too much. After a night of heavy drinking, I b…
By Zachary Zane

Why I Don't Like Being Asked Which Gender I Prefer

Out of all the questions people ask me about my bisexuality, there's one question that angers me more than the others: Which gender do you like more? The question comes in various forms. Are you 50/50? Do you like sleeping with men or women more? Do …
By Zachary Zane