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9 Non-Basic Gifts For Your Unconventional BFF

As much as I love to shop, holiday shopping can be pretty challenging. Aside from the whole draining your bank account thing, there's that whole conundrum of figuring out what to get everyone. You don't want to spend too much money, but you want to…
By Sienna Fantozzi

Kylie Jenner Goes All-In With Suede

This Jenner knows how to dress for the season. Kylie Jenner wore a suede dress and absolutely slayed at appropriate-for-fall dressing. She styled the piece with strappy suede shoes and braided hair for a very monochrome look. She seemed to be…
By Augusta Statz

Should You Apologize? Take This Quiz!

Should you apologize? The answer is often more complicated than you think. When I was very young, my parents taught me a universal lesson: If you've done something wrong, you should say you're sorry and mean it. I learned that a quick apology --…
By Jackie Bernstein

11 Perfect Brown Leather Jackets for Fall

From World War II to James Dean to Madonna, the leather jacket is the ultimate symbol of rebellion and style badass-ery. Maybe it’s leather’s military and Harley Davidson roots, but the tough sexiness of a good leather piece is inextricable. Whether…
By Christine Flammia

How To Wear White After Labor Day

When it comes to fashion "rules," I'm a little bit of a rebel. In my eyes, though, the silliest rule in the sartorial book is the one that says you can't wear white after Labor Day. I don't care how old a tradition it is, and I really don't care…
By Melodi Erdogan

5 Fall Beauty Looks Lazy Girls Will Love

I love fall so much that I have even considered naming my daughter of the future Autumn. If you are also a fan of the season, then you may be contemplating switching up your beauty regime to include fall inspired makeup. Autumn brings with it lower…
By Phoebe Waller

9 Sweet Lace-Up Shoes To Wear This Fall

One of the biggest trends last spring was the lace-up shoe, as seen on runway shows like Michael Kors Spring 2015 and on celebrities like Zendaya Coleman — plus, of course, everywhere on Instagram. You may see them referred to as "ghillie shoes,"…
By Kelly Dougher

7 Dating Rules That Need To Be Broken

Anyone whose ever read a lady mag is aware of the following truth: plenty of the traditional dating commandments are just downright ridiculous. Not to be dramatic or anything, but there are many dating rules to break once and for all... for the good…
By Arielle Dachille

8 Hair Rules You Should Break Immediately

My hair and I have been through a lot. I've chemically straightened it, dyed it, bleached it, fried it — you name it, and we've been through it together. I've tried nearly every remedy to reverse damage, only to find that my frizzy strands are still…
By Jillian Ruffo

8 Beauty Rules That Need To Be Broken

Rules exist to be broken, especially when it comes to our beauty routines. After all, the way we make ourselves up doesn’t need to be about looking the prettiest we possibly can, contrary to popular belief — it’s about expressing our individual…
By Caitlin Morrison

4 Party Guest 'Rules' That Need To Be Broken

We all know the saying: rules are made to be broken -- and we happen to think that party etiquette is no exception. In fact, many of today’s guest “rules” are simply outdated remnants of a society where parties meant ballgowns, white gloves, and…
By Nile Cappello

5 Reasons to Put Yourself First, Starting Today

Think being “selfish” is a bad thing? We’d like you to think again. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we all know how easy it is to put the demands and desires of others above your own. Amid the responsibilities of work, school, partners,…
By Nile Cappello

Every Skin Tone Can Strobe With These Highlighters

By Miki Hayes

How To Pull Off Fringe For Real

As pointed out by the Huffington Post, fringe is going to be hot this season. Fortunately, the world of social media is full of epic ideas for how to pull off fringe! Whether your look is more tomboy or totally ballerina off-duty, there's a way for…
By Lindsey Rose Black

How To Wear Neon Makeup In The Fall

The worst part about summer ending isn't just having to say goodbye to the long days of breezy dresses and short shorts, it's also having to put away our bright lipsticks and nail colors. But wait — can you wear neon makeup in the fall? Like wearing…
By Jessica Willingham

The 9 Best Fall Nail Polish Colors

I’ve always preferred fall to all other seasons when it comes to nail color. While summer is plain jane with pink and mint, things really get interesting as the weather cools down. Don't believe me? The best fall nail polishes you need this season…
By Jessica Willingham

The 17 Best Denim Shorts For Bootylicous Women

Never did I think I’d hear myself complaining about having a big butt until I went shopping for denim shorts. Don’t get me wrong: I love my pronounced derrière to no end, but finding a good pair of shorts for big butts is a real struggle. For women…
By Lara Adekola

10 Styles Of Peep Toe Booties You Definitely Need

Don't be sad that summer is ending. Just think of all the shoe options you now have that you don't have to worry about foot-sweat. I'm a big believer in the power of the bootie (booty too), and peep-toe booties are a staple shoe for fall. Not only…
By Miki Hayes

What Your Selfie Says About You

If you're feeling pretty proud of your selfie game these days, here's a little something to make you feel even more awesome (OK, or potentially way less awesome) about your snapshots: A new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior…
By Erin McKelle

8 Types Of Offensive Texts Women Get

The absolute very first text was sent on December 3, 1992. A 22-year-old engineer named Neil Papworth sent it, and while at the time it seemed like an ingenious way to communicate (no more talking on the phone!), it has evolved into a plague upon…
By Amanda Chatel