Kim K Uses Foundation We Can All Afford

Hold onto your makeup brushes, ladies, because your beauty world is about to be rocked. In a recent blog post on her personal app, Kim Kardashian revealed her favorite foundations — and two of them are actually from the drugstore. Could this be real…
By Emily McClure

9 Cheaper Alternatives To Your Fancier Cosmetics

In my experience, no one likes paying full price for anything, which is prcisely why we often find ourselves on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to expensive makeup. Because many drugstore brands are under the same corporate umbrella of a few…
By Melodi Erdogan

You Can Find The Time to Juggle Career and Hobbies

As someone who's read countless self-help books on getting things done with the hopes that I'll finally...get stuff done, I'm always looking for some inspiration to be more productive. Despite all the lists, meditation exercises, and lifehacks I've…
By Anna Parsons

Find The Courage To Do Things That Scare You

No one would ever accuse YiRan Carroll of not taking her own advice. “Do what you're passionate about and what makes you happy, not only what you feel like you should be doing," is this double agent's direction to women looking to juggle different…
By Anna Parsons

How "Double Agent" Mara Frankel Balances 2 Lives

You know that person. The one who’s able to (seemingly) effortlessly balance two different identities, excelling in a demanding career by day all while pursuing her passions to the fullest at night and on the weekends. Whether a corporate lawyer by…
By Anna Parsons

Global Beauty Secrets From Korea To England

By Miki Hayes