SPARKED at Ulta Beauty: Discover The Up & Coming Beauty Brands You Need To Know About

By Deanna Pai

We’d be lost without our beauty staples, like that signature lip color or the go-to liner that could outlast a hurricane. But at the same time, going with the same old formula — or settling for a product that’s just OK — means you could be missing out on some awesome, innovative brands that are under the radar and changing the game. These newbies might just be a little harder to find, which is why Ulta Beauty started SPARKED at Ulta Beauty, an innovative platform that gives them major support and visibility. Each brand featured has its own unique story that’ll inspire beauty lovers while they discover something new. We’re talking inside select Ulta Beauty stores in addition to an exciting online experience, making it easier for you to find them — and then swipe, sample, and test your way to your new favorites. And the best part? The collections are ever evolving!

UOMA Beauty

Uoma means “beautiful” in Igbo, the native language of southeastern Nigeria. (It’s also pronounced “oh-ma”— now you can correct all your friends.) Founder Sharon Chuter, who was born in Nigeria, set out to take on the challenges of diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. Now she’s walking the talk: UOMA Beauty offers 51 shades of foundation customized by skin type, the boldest lip colors, and more to ensure there’s something for everyone.


Start small, think big sums up the story of ZOEVA, which began as a makeup brush line. Founder Zoe Boikou wanted to offer high-quality brushes that didn’t break the beauty budget — and once she did that, she expanded into eye makeup, blush, lip colors and more with the same goal in mind. Her mission is to empower women by giving them the tools (literally) to help them feel their personal best.

Love Wellness

Women’s wellness has been overdue for a makeover, which is exactly what founder Lauren Bosworth realized when shopping for personal care items. Love Wellness, which offers a range of supplements and feminine health products, isn’t just cute (although it definitely is — just look at the packaging). The products are also clean, approved by OB/GYNs, and supported by an adoring community of fans who keep it real.

Elcie Cosmetics

While Elcie Cosmetics is a makeup brand, it’s always been about the skin. Founder and makeup artist Lilit Caradanian started the line in 2014 to answer the Q: “What is the best foundation?” She couldn’t find one that measured up, so she created her own formula. Since then, Elcie has grown to include eyes, lips, and cheeks to help fans put together a look that’s all theirs.

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