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13 Jumpsuits To Wear To Prom

Formal dance season is nigh, and it's time to start the dress hunt in earnest. If you're looking for an on-trend way to stand out just the right amount... well, it might be worth looking into some jumpsuits to wear to prom. Is it something you'd…
By Rosie Narasaki

The One Pair of Jeans That Will Go With EVERYTHING

A great pair of jeans is like a great friend — trustworthy, generous, and, with any luck, chic. The newly launched Levi's® 711 Skinny ticks all these crucial boxes. Not to mention, these jeans go with everything. The classic skinny silhouette and…
By Alyssa Surrett

Fun Ways To Style Your Armpit Hair This Summer

With summer just around the corner, we're all looking forward to showing off our legs, arms, and stomachs. But there's one area that always seems to get a little excluded from the sun fun: your armpit hair That's why this summer you should try some…
By Skyller Tritch

This Fashion Blogger's San Fran Life Is Awesome

It's not hard to fall devastatingly in love with San Francisco. From the amazing food, to the pleasant weather, to the aura of chill, it has everything that instantly hooks people. (Think of all your friends who visit once and suddenly have an…
By Arielle Dachille

Fashion Blogger Lavenda Memory Shows Us Portland

"Keeping it weird" has long been a priority for Portlanders. A local spirit of fierce independence makes it the perfect haven for creators, individuals, and people who blur the lines of life and art. Portland-raised fashion blogger Lavenda Memory of…
By Arielle Dachille

9 Pairs Of Cute Leggings For Spring

It's officially time to ditch your clunky pants in favor of comfy, fashionable leggings this spring. As the weather gets a bit warmer, and the sun begins to shine a bit brighter, it's time to transition our clothes from stiff and uncomfortable to…
By Emily McClure

These Were The Most Feminist Moments Of NYFW

For most people, the focus of New York Fashion Week is typically, well, the fashion. However, I decided to change my perspective this year, and focus on feminist moments of NYFW Autumn/Winter 2016. I looked past the superficial images of the fashion…
By Emily McClure

6 Ways To Have Fun With Fashion, From Grace Helbig

Whether you adore fashion or consider it a loathsome acquaintance, it’s hard to avoid. Even boycotting all things sartorial makes its own style statement, so the only way to win may be to make it fun for yourself. The task is made easier thanks…
By Stephanie Topacio Long

How Attendees Describe NYFW In One Word

Love it or hate it, New York Fashion Week is here to stay and its stylish crop of fans seems to grow each year. Originating in the 1940s, the event was started when industry insiders could no longer travel to Paris due to WWII, according to TIME.…
By Mich Cardin

A Magazine For Redheads? Heck Yes!

Attention, gingers: We're finally getting the attention we crave — nay, the attention we deserve. MC1R is the all-redhead magazine we never knew we needed in our lives, and I, for one, am planning on getting at least 12 subscriptions. Magazines can…
By Claire Warner

I Dyed My Armpit Hair Just Like Miley Cyrus

With every bikini season, the age-old argument about female body hair begins anew as the general public rediscovers that — quelle horreur! — not every woman shaves and waxes herself to Barbie-like perfection. Earlier this summer, you may recall a…
By Claire Warner

Denim Jackets Are Making a Comeback

Hail the resurrection of '90s fashion! Denim jackets are making a comeback. According to the label's Instagram announcement Wednesday, the Coach Bleached Denim Lacquer Rivet Jean Jacket was featured in the July issue of Vogue Paris, so I’m thinking…
By Julia Guerra

Alexa Chung Covers Harper's Bazaar UK July Issue

We may not be as impressed with or excited for florals as a spring season staple as we had been prior to the 2006 film adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada (thanks a lot, Miranda Priesely), but I think we can all agree that Alexa Chung's Harper’s…
By Julia Guerra

5 Ways To Wear The New Ban.Do X BC Shoes Collab

The fun-loving women behind the endlessly colorful, glitter-filled, and playful accessories brand Ban.Do are probably responsible for a good bit of color on your Instagram feed and in you purse. Ban.Do day planners have achieved cult status in a…
By Jodie Layne

13 Things People Who Hate Flip Flops Know

Summer is the season of so many joyous and delightful things: Beach days, porch wine, bike rides, sundresses, soccer, hot guys on the basketball courts, ice cream, music festivals, et cetera, so on and so forth forever. However, there is a scourge…
By Jodie Layne

What To Wear On A Date When It's A Million Degrees

Going on dates in the summer can be extra fun: You have so many more options for activities, you can take some vacation time to go on a getaway, and the dry heat gives you more incentive to strip down and spend the afternoon in bed in front of an…
By Jodie Layne

7 Ways To Wear A Jacket In The Springtime

It's no wonder that spring flings get a rep for being fickle and fleeting, no matter how sweet: We're just following suit from the weather. Spring styling tips are always a tricky bunch because you never quite now how warm it'll stay outside, which…
By Marlen Komar

The Best Colorful Statement Jewelry For Spring

By Jodie Layne

9 Culottes To Prove This Trend Is Actually Sexy

By Christie Drozdowski

The Quickest Way To Upgrade Outerwear For Spring

By Jodie Layne