spring into summer

How To Get Rosé Delivered Straight To Your Door

Is there anything you'd rather be doing at this very moment than drinking a bottle of rosé while reclining somewhere warm and sunny? I can't do anything to bring summer around any faster, but prepare to anticipate it even more than you already do.…
By Claire Warner

17 Gross Things About Summer

When I was growing up, summer was my favorite season. Back then, summer meant three homework-free months of camping, swimming, BBQs, hitting up drive-in movie theaters with my friends, epic road trips, fireworks, fields full of lightning bugs, music…
By Elizabeth Enochs

Fun Ways To Style Your Armpit Hair This Summer

With summer just around the corner, we're all looking forward to showing off our legs, arms, and stomachs. But there's one area that always seems to get a little excluded from the sun fun: your armpit hair That's why this summer you should try some…
By Skyller Tritch

10 Books That Bring Some Summer Fun To The Cold

Wintertime brings many wonderful things, among them a plethora of vacation days, stylish coats, and an excuse to drink hot chocolate wherever and whenever. For many of us, however, our romanticized snow-adventuring expectations for the winter…
By Lila Nordstrom

5 Ways To Wear The New Ban.Do X BC Shoes Collab

The fun-loving women behind the endlessly colorful, glitter-filled, and playful accessories brand Ban.Do are probably responsible for a good bit of color on your Instagram feed and in you purse. Ban.Do day planners have achieved cult status in a…
By Jodie Layne

Trying To Consign Your Clothes? Read This First

Spring cleaning, fall cleaning, winter cleaning: There's no bad time to purge your closet of the things you no longer wear and try and make a few extra bucks by hauling them off to the nearest Buffalo Exchange or Beacon's Closet. Before you run down…
By Jodie Layne

This Is The Easiest Way To Save Some Puppies

Do you love animals but can't afford to donate to the ASPCA every month? If so, you're in luck — with the hashtag #DOGforDOGpaws, you can save some puppies with just three things: a camera phone, an Instagram account, and a dog. Yes, it really is…
By Claire Warner

Nicole Richie Looks Fab In Spring Layers

From pink hair to bold prints, Nicole Richie is never one to shy away from a trend, and that's what makes her such a style icon. Stepping onto the chilly streets of Los Angeles, Ritchie rocked some spring layers and it made for one on-point…
By Kali Borovic

Senior Rejects Every Ivy League's Acceptance

If you're a junior or senior in high school, you might want to sit this one out, or else you might tear your hair out in sheer jealousy. Highschooler Ronald Nelson Jr. was accepted to every Ivy League school, but he turned them all down in favor of…
By Claire Warner

15 Ways To Smell Like Coconut All Summer Long

By Jodie Layne

13 Things People Who Hate Flip Flops Know

Summer is the season of so many joyous and delightful things: Beach days, porch wine, bike rides, sundresses, soccer, hot guys on the basketball courts, ice cream, music festivals, et cetera, so on and so forth forever. However, there is a scourge…
By Jodie Layne

What To Wear On A Date When It's A Million Degrees

Going on dates in the summer can be extra fun: You have so many more options for activities, you can take some vacation time to go on a getaway, and the dry heat gives you more incentive to strip down and spend the afternoon in bed in front of an…
By Jodie Layne

17 Cute Summer Shoes That Aren't Sandals

By Sandra Roldan

The Best Colorful Statement Jewelry For Spring

By Jodie Layne

This Couple's Vacation Photos Are UNREAL

Everyone knows a couple that's more worldly, glamorous, and photogenic than you could ever hope to be, all while being so darn cool that you can't hate them like your inner 13-year-old wants to. If you haven't personally had such an experience,…
By Claire Warner

The Quickest Way To Upgrade Outerwear For Spring

By Jodie Layne

You Need To See This +Size Romper On Tess Holliday

Now a household name for being one of the most kick ass models in the game right now (and not just in the "curve" division) is plus-size model Tess Holliday. Before she landed her contract with agency Milk Management, Holliday (formerly known as…
By Jodie Layne

6 Reasons Why It's ALWAYS Iced Coffee Season

It is finally warming up outside, which means everyone is once again happily sipping iced coffee morning through afternoon. That's right — it's iced coffee season, which is a sure sign that summer will be here before we know it. Finally, you can go…
By Amy Sachs

All The New Spring Fragrances You Need to Try

Now that warmer weather is finally here, you may find yourself putting aside your favorite winter fragrance in favor of something a little lighter. It can be hard to sort through lists of the best new spring perfumes to find a scent that you love,…
By Kelly Dougher

These Are The Most Stunning Islands In The World

Who hasn’t fantasized about jetting off to some island paradise? I’ve thought about it ever since I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach. (Though I would avoid that island in particular... or, I’d just try and overthrow Tilda Swinton as the crazy…
By Megan Broussard