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The Hidden Meaning Behind Abby Phillip's Impeachment Look

It's a silent protest against Trump.

Abby Phillip's Impeachment Trial Outfit Includes A Pussybow Blouse

The second impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump began today, and it’s already delivered some great fashion moments. Case in point: Abby Phillip, CNN’s senior political correspondent, who delivered her trademark incisive commentary in an elegant burgundy pussy bow blouse. And Abby Phillip's Impeachment outfit is full of meaning.

Not only is the top a timeless item that pairs well with just about anything, it’s also one that happens to be loaded with symbolism. Remember when Donald Trump's infamous Access Hollywood tape was leaked and his derogatory “grab ’em by the p*ssy” statement went public? Since then, people have reclaimed the pussy bow blouse as a symbol of solidarity in the fight against sexual assault.

Most recently, then-Senator Kamala Harris wore an orange blouse topped with a lavallière, also known as a pussycat bow, to the senate confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, who had been tapped by Donald Trump to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was widely considered a sartorial dig at Donald Trump from the now-vice president, who is well known for using her wardrobe to communicate various hidden meanings.

But Harris is not the first woman in politics to weaponize the pussy bow blouse. According to Vogue, the former conservative UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher supposedly appreciated the “softening” effect of a bow blouse. Fitting, given her reputation as “The Iron Lady” who governed sternly for more than a decade.


Now, Abby Phillip continues in this tradition, joining a long list of women in the political arena who send powerful messages through their clothing.