What I Learnt In Lockdown


One Thing I Learned About Myself In Lockdown

We ask celebrities, business leaders, & public figures what this period of self reflection has meant to them.

By Bustle UK

How Lockdown Helped Me Reassess My Relationship With Ramadan

Spending two Ramadans in isolation has made me remember what the celebration is really about.

By Shamaila Anwar

How Lockdown Taught Me To See My Mum Beyond Her Role As Parent

Spending so much time together shifted our mother-daughter dynamic for the better.

By Alice Broster
What I Learnt In Lockdown

What Lockdown Taught Me About Loving My Body

"Without prying eyes, I could wear whatever I wanted and start to understand how I saw myself, instead of how I saw myself reflected in others."

By Mollie Quirk

How Lockdown Turned My Dog-Loving Self Into A Bonafide Cat Lady

Falling for a fluffy black rescue cat taught me love in a whole new way.

By Aoife Hanna

What I Learned In Lockdown About Letting Go Of Perfect Plans

I've officially relinquished my role as the friendship group's events planner & it feels great.

By Habiba Katsha
TV & Movies

What Lockdown Taught Me About Owning My TV Guilty Pleasures

"I let go of any shame which I had previously associated with the genre, fully realising the value of light entertainment."

By Sam Ramsden

What I Learnt By Running From My Problems In Lockdown

"I covered 300 miles, and gained a valuable new coping mechanism."

By L'Oréal Blackett

How Lockdown Taught Me To Let Go Of Gamer Guilt

The pandemic allowed me to invest in the hobby I enjoy most no matter what other people think of it.

By Sophie McEvoy

Lockdown Taught Me What Recovering From A Breakup Really Looks Like

"Think about your last breakup, and the pain that goes with it. Imagine feeling that pain, without distraction, 100% of the time, and having no choice but to face it."

By Rebecca Fearn

What Lockdown Taught Me About The Beauty Of Online Friendship

"There is something special about relationships bred out of total inconvenience."

By Maisie Peters

How Lockdown Taught Me Not To Turn My Pain Into Amusing Anecdotes

Before lockdown, I was an expert at turning uncomfortable memories into dinner party fodder. But now I have a new way of communicating.

By Alice Broster

What I Learnt About Loc'ing & Accepting My Natural Hair During Lockdown

"When the world halted, and we stayed indoors, my thoughts on afro hair and beauty standards began to shift."

By Niellah Arboine