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This is a richtext clip inside of a reveal zone. Going to test to see why it's different than regular grids. Thank you very much.

Bardot Sofa

West Elm

Originally $1,499, this velvet teal sofa is now only $999.99.

Phoebe Chair

West Elm

This pop art jacquard chair's original price was $499, but it's now on sale for $299.99.

Lush Velvet Chinoiserie Pillow Cover

West Elm

Now $24.99, this velvet pillow started at $29.

Colorblock Persian-Style Rug

West Elm

This rug, which originally ran for $1899, has been marked down significantly to $1099.99.

Marble-Topped Pedestal Coffee Table

West Elm

This coffee table in white marble was originally priced at $699, but has since been marked down to $399.99.


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