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The 20 Best Opening Lines To Use On Tinder

Happy, happy swiping.


Whether you've used dating apps or not, you've probably seen some very cringe-worthy messages that other people have received. When you're swiping away in search of love (or lust), it can be hard to think of opening lines for Tinder that are interesting, effective, and not totally lame.

Most importantly, be unique and be true to yourself. "Take a cue from your match's bio, profile pictures, or Spotify anthem," a spokesperson for Tinder tells Bustle. "If you make a connection based on a shared interest, the conversation will easily flow."

Just make sure to steer away from generic intros like "hey" or "what's up." These won't help you stand out, and aren't very conversation-inspiring. It can be intimidating to message someone who you think is really cute and interesting, but you don't have to overthink it if that's stressing you out. Just be honest about the fact that you thought the quote in their bio was funny or you think their tattoo is really cool. If you are just yourself, the right person for you will find that totally charming.

But if you need a little bit of extra inspiration, take a look at some of these examples for interesting Tinder opening lines. They'll hopefully help you connect with the person you're looking to meet.


What Are You Looking For?


In a sea of flirty pick-up lines and subtle come-ons, sometimes being direct is best. The other person is free to be honest about whether they want a relationship or just a hookup, or they can go more in-depth and open up about what kind of person they'd like to be with.


Are You A Dog Person Or A Cat Person?

Everyone seems to have a pretty strong opinion about whether they're on team dog or team cat, and you can tell a lot about someone based on what they think about animals. Plus, this question opens up the conversation to gushing over your cute pets or even sending funny pet videos.


What Are You Passionate About?

Physical attraction is one part of a good connection, but learning about the most unique parts of a person's personality can be even more enthralling. Asking about someone's passions gives them the chance to be as serious or as silly as they want, so that you can begin to chat about something as fun as season three of The Office or as important as preventing food deserts.


What's Your Favorite TV Show Right Now?


Everybody has a favorite TV show, and chances are, they'll want to talk about that. If your viewing habits overlap, you can trade opinions and predictions about upcoming episodes. If you have pretty different interests, you just might find a new favorite show to try.


Where Did You Grow Up?

If you're living in a major city like New York or Los Angeles, the people you're talking to on Tinder could be from anywhere around the world, and asking them where they grew up is the perfect opportunity to swap stories. It's the perfect jumping-off point to talk about your childhoods, what you look for in a city, or even where you'd like to move next.


What Were You Like In High School?

Your high school self can be very different from your adult self, but swapping stories about those awkward days can form an instant connection with someone you've matched with. It'll be even more fun if you end up swapping hilarious selfies from different style phases you went through.


What Movie Are You Looking Forward To?


Someone's taste in movies can tell you a lot about who they are, so asking about the upcoming movie that they can't wait to go see is a great opening line. Besides, if you end up hitting it off, you have the perfect opportunity to ask if they want to go see the film together.


Wow, You're Really Funny

Calling someone hot after you've matched on Tinder might work, but letting them know that you noticed the clever quote in their bio could be even more effective. This shows that you've taken the time to really read what they've shared, instead of just swiping over and over again.


Would You Like To Get Ramen With Me?

Plenty of people might start off a Tinder conversation by asking if their match would like to go out, but making your question more specific makes you unique immediately. Asking if they want to get a certain kind of food makes it more likely that they'll respond. Besides, who doesn't like ramen?


Are You Into Lizzo's Music?

Music can be a huge point of connection for folks who are just meeting, so asking your Tinder match if they like one of your favorite artists is a great way to get the ball rolling. If they do listen to them, you can trade favorite songs. If they don't, you can ask them who they are listening to right now.


What Did You Want To Be Growing Up?


Kids' dream jobs can be super funny. Maybe your Tinder match grew up wanting to be a unicorn or a professional nap-taker. Or, maybe they currently have the job that they always dreamed of. Whatever the case is, this is a unique way to get to know someone.


What's Your Idea Of A Perfect Day?

As stressful as life can be, it's fun to be able to dream up your idea of a perfect day, so this opening line is both fun to answer and can tell you a lot about your Tinder match. Also, this can give you plenty of potential date ideas if you decide to meet up IRL.


Have You Read Any Good Books Lately?

Flirty opening lines can be fun, but if you're in the mood for something that's less forward, ask your Tinder match about what they're reading. Even if the match doesn't end up leading to anything, you'll leave with a great new recommendation to add to your list.


Cereal First Or Milk First?

People seem to have pretty strong opinions about whether it's more acceptable to pour your milk first when you're making a bowl of cereal or to pour the cereal first. This can be a really lighthearted way to get the conversation started, no matter what their preference is.


That Shirt Is So Unique


When your match first created their Tinder profile, they probably took some time to pick out pictures that represented their personality really well. While someone's looks might be the first thing you notice, try to open the conversation by commenting on something else that you appreciate, such as a cool shirt or a bag that's totally unique.


I Love Your Profile 3000

This might be a little bit of a risky opening line if your Tinder match hasn't seen Avengers: Endgame, but most people will probably get this cute cultural reference. Plus, they'll probably think it's a really clever twist on the quote.

Being yourself and being genuinely interested in your Tinder match is really your best bet. And if someone appreciates your effort, you might find the perfect connection for you.