This New Song May Be Just What You Needed To Get More Comfortable Talking About Pubic Hair

Did you know that more than 80% of women groom their pubes regularly?

Yet society is basically the shush emoji when it comes to talking about our pubic hair out loud. Thankfully, Venus is out to change that narrative—not only with a new Pubic Hair & Skin collection, but with an original music video and iconic song about pubes, for pubes, by pubes.


“Pubic” Is Not A Dirty World

Making the topic of pubic hair taboo is not only silly but also potentially damaging. In fact, evidence shows that not being more open about female anatomy can actually have a negative impact on a woman's mental health. It's also why we partnered with Venus, the time-tested shaving brand, to share #ThePubeSong. What better way to drive home the point that it's powerful to #SayPubic?