7 Ways Our Editors Are Making Their Health A Priority

They're all simple but genius.

Remember mere months ago when we had these lovely things called routines to get us through each day? Then suddenly, everything from our mid-day coffee breaks to our after-work gym sessions were off limits. In the midst of adjusting to a new normal, many of us overlooked how to re-introduce some of our healthier habits back into our day-to-day. And I say that with the utmost respect, because I count myself among the guilty.

Knowing that quarantine has been an adjustment for all of us, I polled a few of my co-workers to find out how they're re-prioritizing their health in their daily lives. Their advice on everything from stress management to getting exercise is surprisingly brilliant, and my hope is that we can inspire you to put your own health and wellbeing first. Without further adieu, here's what your friendly neighborhood Bustle editors are currently up to:

1. We're Leaning Into Cooking...

"Quarantine has transformed me into a food-saving, home-cooking machine. I get fresh produce and meat delivered every week, and I make it my goal to make as many meals from scratch as I can — that includes making flour products like bread, tortillas, and pasta. It's made me eat a little lighter, and it makes the the process of cooking feel more like an art and less of a chore." —Arielle, Senior Branded Entertainment Editor

2. ...& Finding Ways To Make It Easier

"After years of wanting to but never finding the time, I've finally started meal prepping! I make a big batch of something delicious and healthy (like this simple vegetarian dish), then pre-portion it in containers for the next few days. It helps keep my eating habits on track and I love not having to cook every day." —Suzanne, Branded Lifestyle Editor

3. One Editor Is Trying A New Way To Manage Stress...

"Between spending long stretches of time in my one-bedroom apartment and not getting much quiet time to myself, I was beginning to feel stress in a deeper way than I had in the past. To help me feel more relaxed, I've been turning to Natural Vitality CALM®. It's a magnesium supplement that you mix in with a bit of water, and it helps get your body back to a state of calm." —Allison, Senior Branded Lifestyle Editor

4. ...While Another Relies On A Classic Practice

"I have a simple daily meditation practice that I feel impacts my life in a pretty big way. I set a time everyday (2:30 p.m. as it stands now) that I devote to five minutes of solid meditation, regardless of everything else going on. While it's not always convenient, I truly feel a bigger sense of calm throughout the days and weeks when I keep myself committed to this practice." —Mike, Branded Content Editor

5. We're Getting Practical About Workout Motivation...

"Is it just me or is there something about spending way more time inside that makes you want to move... even less? In an effort to get excited about getting moving, I save episodes of my favorite podcasts for walks and runs outside — that way I'm motivated to see what happens next. True crime sagas and fictional page-turners trick me into looking forward to my next jog." —Miranda, Director of Branded Content Strategy

6. ...& We're Not Forgetting The Basics

"This week I’ve been making a concerted effort to drink more water throughout the day — something that really dropped off with my work day routine. I’m now keeping a bottle of water at my work-from-home station as well as making sure I have two to three glasses every time I visit the kitchen for a snack or lunch!" —Sarah, Senior Manager, Branded Content

7. Finally, We're Giving Bedtime The Attention It Deserves

"I try to save the last 20 minutes before bed for reading, as I've found I sleep better than when I spend those before-bed moments scrolling through my phone. I'll light a candle and put on a playlist and give myself that time to rest and recharge for the next day." —Elly, Branded Fashion Editor

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