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Instagram Notes Are Dividing The Internet

*~ bRb, dOn’T tXt ~*

On Dec. 13, Instagram rolled out a feature called Instagram Notes. The 60-character messages appear in a new feed above your direct messages and disappear after 24 hours.

Naturally, the update led to many reactions online, including users admitting just how unfunny some of the inaugural Notes on the app have been.
One Twitter user, @fairybrandmuva, pointed out that although many of the people she followed were confused or annoyed about the update — they were still using the feature to share those thoughts.
Many were quick to note how similar Instagram Notes were to AIM statuses of the early 2000s. It seems the Y2K renaissance has finally hit Instagram.
That nostalgia paired with an opportunity to show off your sense of humor online is exciting some Instagram users. Prepare for the “busy, don’t text :p” Notes to clog your feed.
Despite the seemingly mass confusion, some IG users have already grown to like the Notes feature.
Others have pointed out the irony of it all, saying that Instagram notes are just a 2022 version of the now nearly defunct Facebook status. What goes around comes back around.
Some people are already sick of the new feature, claiming it clogs their direct messages feed or is simply adding more noise to an already jam-packed platform.
The internet never disappoints when it comes to news like this, so the meme reactions were aplenty. So go ahead and use the feature if you want to and if you don’t, feel free to sound off with your opinions on Twitter instead.