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Mardi Gras Quotes That Will Help You Celebrate

Mardi Gras is almost here and if you're headed to New Orleans to get in on the big celebration, good for you — we're all jealous. But if you're stuck at home and beginning to suffer from some serious FOMO, fret not. There are still tons of ways you can get involved from home that will make you feel a little bit less left out. You can throw your own Carnival-themed party with Cajun food and jazz music and beads galore, or you can sit back, relax and watch it all happen from the cozy side of a com…

By Kaitlyn Wylde

‘Ride’ Has More Stories On The Way

Oh, Ride, we hardly knew ye. Nickelodeon's new live-action series just premiered on the network on Monday, Jan. 30, and after back-to-back episodes aired every weeknight since then, it's time for this equestrian show to ride off into the sunset for the season. But will Ride return for Season 2? Ride could certainly live to see another day — or it could not. That all depends on whether or not it'll be renewed for another season, which is a bit of a mystery right now. That's because neither Nickel…

By Laura Rosenfeld

Amazon's 'Patriot' Introduces John Lakeman

Meet John Tavner, the protagonist of Amazon Prime's new series Patriot. John would very much like to be a folk singer, but he's stuck working for his dad (played by Terry O'Quinn, who Lost fans will immediately recognize as John Locke). John hasn't yet recorded a hit song, so, for now, he'll have to stick with his day job as an undercover intelligence officer — but at least the family trade is interesting, right? When the series kicks off, John is assigned a "non-official cover" as a mid-level e…

By Caitlin Flynn

Wes Is Still Not Annalise's Son, 'HTGAWM' Fans

Alright, everyone — I think we need to have a little talk. Wes is not Annalise's son on How To Get Away With Murder. I know that it may seem that way, but that whole "he was my son" speech that Annalise gave in the Season 3 finale of How To Get Away With Murder was metaphorical, for sure. Annalise was giving a heart-wrenching speech to her AA support group, talking about the sons that she lost — the first is the baby who was stillborn following the car crash orchestrated by the Mahoney family, a…

By Lindsay Denninger

Wes' Killer Was Revealed On 'HTGAWM'

Well, hot damn, TGIT viewers! Laurel's dad killed Wes on How To Get Away With Murder, and that was a twist that not even I saw coming! It all looked like District Attorney Denver had orchestrated the hit on Wes in Annalise's house, but no, no — the person who the hit man was on the phone with was actually Laurel's dad, asking "Is he dead?" I'm not an easily shocked person, but I have to say that that shocked me, because we haven't seen Laurel's dad since the beginning of Season 3. Laurel talked …

By Lindsay Denninger

'Patriot' Season 2 Could Tell Important Stories

Without being deemed patronizing or preachy, television in 2017 has the opportunity to comment on current events if all cards are played well. The new Amazon series Patriot blurs the genre lines, something that the streaming network does particularly well, between dark comedy and spy thriller — and it's only just getting started. Will Patriot get a Season 2 on Amazon? If given the chance, this new series is aptly placed to portray world politics with a healthy dash of humor. The official descrip…

By Leah Thomas

Connie Britton Explains The 'Nashville' Twist

Spoilers for the Feb. 23 episode of Nashville ahead. After a shocking cliffhanger that left her life in jeopardy and an episode filled with false hope that she'd survive, Rayna died on Nashville. Yes, Rayna Jaymes, the series' main protagonist whose story fans have been following for five seasons. The twist was only revealed on Thursday night, but already, Connie Britton has explained why she left Nashville — and yes, that means she's really leaving. First and foremost, this was Britton's deci…

By Samantha Rullo

Connie Britton Is Open To More 'Nashville'

Spoilers for the Feb. 23 episode of Nashville ahead. Characters have narrowly escaped death many times on Nashville. There was the car accident with Deacon and Rayna, Juliette balancing on the edge of a building while contemplating suicide, and Juliette's plane crashing in the Season 4 finale. That's why it came as such a surprise when Rayna died on Nashville in the Feb. 23 episode, ""If Tomorrow Never Comes." Sure, viewers saw her get into a terrifying car accident in the final moments of the …

By Samantha Rullo

The 'Big Little Lies' Theme Song Is A Perfect Fit

One of the best side effects of our current Golden Age of Television has been the renaissance of the title sequence; beautiful opening credits from the likes of Game Of Thrones, True Blood, and Westworld have turned the practice into its own art form. The Big Little Lies theme song and title sequence, on the surface at least, may not fit into the mold of other examples set by its aforementioned brethren on HBO. After all, there is no stunning animation, no helpful maps that lay out the geography…

By Jefferson Grubbs

Here's What's Leaving Netflix In March

By Courtney Lindley

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