Dec. 10, 2022

Marcus Mumford, Open Book

With his deeply personal solo album, the Mumford & Sons frontman is trying something new: being comfortable in his own skin.

By Ilana Kaplan

Judy Greer Is The Main Character

On Hulu’s buzzy ‘Reboot,’ Hollywood’s best friend becomes the leading lady.

By Anna Peele

A Couple Of Pints With Brooklyn Beckham

The amateur chef — key word amateur — and second generation Wife Guy is getting good at learning in public.

By Mickey Rapkin
TV & Movies

Everybody Loves Tyler James Williams

The Abbott Elementary star spent more than two decades on television. Now, he’s showing everybody how it’s done.

By Clover Hope
Reality TV

Lisa Barlow Finally Got Messy — And Found Her Fanbase

For this Real Housewife of Salt Lake City, getting caught on a hot mic only made her star burn brighter.

By Samantha Leach
Bustle Exclusive

The Dermatologist In Chanel

How Harvard-educated Mohs surgeon Michelle Henry became the go-to derm for models, beauty editors, and in-the-know New Yorkers.

By Leah Faye Cooper

Looks Like She Made It

How Shania Twain found love, her voice, and her rightful place in the pop music pantheon.

By Lindsay Zoladz, Beau Grealy and Tiffany Reid

Paul Mescal, Man Of Mystery

The internet's favorite brooding young man would rather be misunderstood than overshare.

By Samantha Leach and Heather Hazzan

What Joyce Carol Oates Knows About Fame

According to the literary icon, 84, a subject as big as Marilyn Monroe can’t be diminished by fiction.

By Erin Somers

Hannah Einbinder Lets Down Her Armor

Before she could become an Emmy-nominated star on HBO Max’s Hacks, the comedian had to battle her own brain.

By Nolan Feeney

Luke Evans Is Ready For It All

Disney’s brilliant baddie is booked, Bond-ready, and broody.

By Ellie Austin

Former 'Bachelor' Producer Elan Gale Knows The Secret To Your Favorite Shows

For more than a decade, Elan Gale has put a tongue-in-cheek spin on dating shows from The Bachelor to FBoy Island. But the man behind the curtain doesn’t believe in tidy endings.

By Samantha Rollins

All Eyes On Ayo Edebiri

The most magnetic presence on ‘The Bear’ (sorry, Carmy) brings sharp humor and actual knife skills to the buzzy new series.

By Anna Peele
TV & Movies

Chace Crawford’s All-American Anxiety

Just like the rest of us, the star of 'The Boys' is in his feelings right now.

By Chloe Foussianes

Julianne Hough Wants To Find Her People

Performing eight shows a week in Broadway’s buzziest new comedy, Hough says self-care means more than just Pilates and spin class: “I only want to do things that enhance my growth.”

By Jessica Derschowitz
TV & Movies

Jurnee Smollett’s Heart Is Healing

“So much in my life was being destroyed in order for there to be room for rebirth,” the actor tells Bustle.

By Rebecca Carroll

Looks Like She Made It

How Shania Twain found love, her voice, and her rightful place in the pop music pantheon.

Written by Lindsay Zoladz
Photographs by Beau Grealy
Styled by Tiffany Reid
Dec. 10, 2022
Stocksy, Getty Images, Margaret Flatley/Bustle

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The 'Let The Right One In' Creator Says The Show “Requires” Several More Seasons

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An Unbiased Review Of Mooncat Nail Polish

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Discord Might Be A Twitter Alternative — Here’s How To Use It

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Jenna Ortega Was Worried About Her 'Wednesday' Love Triangle

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25 Brilliant Holiday Gift Ideas For Coworkers Under $30

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The 7 Best Non-See-Through White T-Shirts

Say goodbye to sheer shirts.

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All Of Portia’s Best White Lotus Season 2 Outifts

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TikTok Says "Mewing" Will Sculpt Your Jawline — But Does It Work?

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