Jan. 27, 2021
TV & Movies

We Finally Know Legarski's Fate On 'Big Sky'

Cassie shot him in the fall finale.

By Martha Sorren

Looking For Love? Why 2021 Is Your Year, According To Astrology

You can thank relationship-oriented planets Venus and Mars.

By Nina Kahn

Experts Explain How To Protect Yourself Against The New COVID Variants

You know the drill. Now, double-down.

By Jay Polish

Gingham & 11 Other Nail Designs You'll Be Obsessed With This Spring

The '90s are back, baby.

By Shea Simmons

FKA Twigs Recalls The "Massive" Mental Toll Of Being Targeted By Robert Pattinson Fans

"I think they considered that he should definitely be with somebody white and blonde and not me."

By Jessica Wang

Drop Everything, Coca-Cola Coffee Is Here

Coffee and soda lovers, unite.

By Lauren Grant

Ruth Carter On 'Black Panther 2' & Her Favorite Costumes

Her groundbreaking work is the subject of a new SCAD exhibit.

By Mekita Rivas
Sex & Relationships

Here’s How Long It Takes Capricorn To Fall In Love

These sea goats never fail to surprise you.

By Kristine Fellizar
Celebrity Style

6 Glamorous 'Bling Empire' Looks To Recreate

Starting at $33.

By Avery Matera
TV & Movies

Netflix's 'Crime Scene' Docuseries Is Like 'Night Stalker' Meets 'Unsolved Mysteries'

"I saw around 80 deaths over my 10 years there."

By Jack Irvin

How To Sext Someone You're Dating, But Have Never Met IRL

For starters, no unsolicited d*ck pics.

By Iman Hariri-Kia and Chika Ekemezie
A Little Bit Better

Health Issues Most Overlooked By Millennials

Knees, meet your 30s.

By Irina Dvalidze