Your Guide To The Newest Spiked Seltzer Iced Teas

It's a showdown between White Claw and Truly.

by Lauren Grant
White Claw Iced Tea Vs. Truly Iced Tea
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Tea Has Come To The Table

Truly Iced Tea released its new hard iced tea earlier this year and now White Claw has come to the competition. So, of course, everyone is wondering how do the two compare?

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These New Flavors Are Joining Other Hard Tea Drinks

White Claw’s Hard Seltzer Iced Teas will be joining other contenders to the tea game like Twisted Tea, Hey Y’all Southern Style Iced Tea, and Arnold Palmer Spiked.

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White Claw Has Four New Summertime Flavor Faves

Truly Iced Tea offers peach, lemon, raspberry, and strawberry flavors, whereas White Claw has introduced similar flavors with its own lemon, peach, and raspberry, but the brand has swapped strawberry for mango.

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Their % ABV Is The Same

These drinks have a lot more than flavors in common. Both White Claw and Truly Iced Teas contain 5% ABV, the perfect amount to get that summer night buzz going.

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Both Teas Are Brewed Differently

White Claw uses a unique BrewPure process that lets their beverages achieve the perfect balance between tea and fruit flavors. Truly Iced Teas are brewed with Argentinian tea, which produces a lighter, crisper taste, according to the brand.

They’re Both The Right Amount Of Sweet

Both White Claw and Truly Iced Teas have one gram of sugar — and they’re both gluten-free. Win-win!

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Which Tea Will Come Out On Top?

Truly claims that its blend of tea, fruit flavors, and seltzer make “liquid gold.” Either way both brands are packed with flavor and come in 12 packs so you can share with your friends and decide together. Cheers!

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