The Work-From-Home Snacks Bustle Editors Swear By

The pandemic snack purchases we stand by.

by Bustle Editors
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See the snacks that fuel us as we continue working from home during the pandemic.

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Ever since I stopped eating dairy, I've felt like I had to miss out on the chocolate-covered snacks I used to love. I found these in quarantine and they're the perfect salty-sweet-crunchy combo for snacking between Zoom calls. — Michelle Toglia, Deputy Lifestyle Editor
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Working remotely has led me to rediscover Pop-Tarts. The classic strawberry flavor is delicious and yes, as an adult I do know I'm basically eating red sugar goo covered in frosting for breakfast. But these are difficult times. — Sam Rullo, Senior Manager, Editorial Operations
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Time feels like a flat circle, and sometimes I find myself momentarily forgetting what month it is. But if I'm peeling open one of these cute minis to dunk baby carrots or pita chips, I know it must be 3 p.m., aka late afternoon snack time. — Christina Amoroso, Executive Editor
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These individually wrapped, creamy lil cheese wedges are the LEGIT highlight of my day. I eat them with crackers, veggies, and sometimes just plain by themselves because they are *that* good. Such an easy, no-brainer snack! — Kathryn Kattalia, Deputy Editor, Content Strategy
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These dark chocolate covered graham crackers pair perfectly with that 3 p.m. coffee that I somehow always need. They’re also perfect for a pre-breakfast dessert, an actual after-dinner dessert, and all the snacks in between. — Caroline Wurtzel, Art Director
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My snack sign is “cheese-dusted,” and this popcorn’s spicy, suspiciously cheesy nutritional yeast flavoring stains less than Hot Cheetos. — Kat Stoeffel, Features Director
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