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12 Editor-Approved Buys That'll Make You Feel Like You Can Tackle Anything

Power *and* style.

by Bustle UK
Caroline Wurtzel

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Need extra oomph? These 12 buys make the Bustle UK team feel ready to tackle anything.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Bustle’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Retinol Reface
Indeed Labs
"The way this product makes my skin feel has reignited my love for skin care as self-care. Marketed as an entry level retinol, it is perfect for my sensitive skin but still packs a punch with each application." — Charlie Mock, Senior Social Media Editor
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"After roughly 350 years of searching, I have finally found a pair of jeans that actually make me look good. This cropped, wide-legged pair with a high waist makes me feel fantastic." — Rowena Henley, News & Features Editor. Sizes 29, 31-33
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"This long-handled Dutch hoe makes the work of weeding short, slick, and strangely enjoyable. I’m even thinking of buying another so I can sing, 'There’s some hoes in this house…'" – Aimée Grant Cumberbatch, Contributing Editor
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Figaro Chain
V By Laura Vann
"The Birmingham-based brand's designs have been my secret weapon for years. Her rhodium-plated chain is my version of a contemporary power necklace." — Sam Rogers, Executive Editor
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"I recently chopped off half my hair and, for someone with curls, it felt like a big deal. Now I have less to work with, I have to be even more particular about how I wash, dry, and style it." — Rowena Henley, News & Features Editor
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Face Mask
Wild Suga
"Wild Suga’s face masks not only come complete with beautiful illustrations of Black women living their best lives, but they'll help you live yours, and those in your immediate vicinity live theirs." — Aimée Grant Cumberbatch, Contributing Editor
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"Despite my best efforts, I don't have the time (read: patience) for a good skin care routine. UFO 2 makes speedy work of it: 90 seconds, app-powered magic. It combines light, thermo, and cryo-therapy with sonic waves — a spa at your fingertips." — Sam Rogers, Executive Editor
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"Each week, four easy-to-follow recipes are plopped on our doorstep, complete with portioned-out ingredients. Knowing I'm giving myself the nutrients I need feels good, but it also tastes great — a win, win." — Charlie Mock, Senior Social Media Editor
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"I’ve been learning huge amounts from Dr. Sarah L. Webb, founder of U.S. organisation Colorism Healing, via IG and have bought the 2020 anthology to support her work with coins as well as likes and shares." — Aimée Grant Cumberbatch, Contributing Editor
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"The 'rings' feature reminds me to give myself 20-minute breaks from the screen every few hours. I always come back thinking more clearly and ready for a new task!" — Charlie Mock, Senior Social Media Editor
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Headspace App
"Carving out time for my brain to switch off, relax, and let go of negative thoughts means I free up so much energy for the things in my life that make me feel happy and confident." — Rowena Henley, News & Features Editor
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Poplin White Shirt
With Nothing Underneath
"Versatile, effortless, and subverting male tailoring with a sexy edge: no surprises why Meghan Markle stans WNU's boyfriend shirt so." — Sam Rogers, Executive Editor. Size XXS-L
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