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Harry Styles' Best '90s Inspired Looks Are An Ode To Blossom

Cardigans, polka dots, and more.

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Though Harry Styles is a documented fan of '70s fashion, he's had his fair share of '90s style moments. And his retro outfits feel like they're plucked from the wardrobe of '90s TV characters like Blossom and boy bands like Backstreet Boys. Ahead, find the best of the best.

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Though perhaps a '70s-inspired look with his striped tee and corduroy pants, the bomber jacket was a major trend that also resurfaced in the '90s.
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The grungy button-down trend from the '90s wasn't just about plaid. It included stripes, florals, and — yes — polka dots. Styles pulls them off just as well as '90s TV phenom Blossom did.
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Styles takes the plaid trend of the 1990s and makes it a bit more tailored and a little less grungy — by way of a skinny tailored suit.
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Clad in a Lanvin x Babar cardigan paired with a pearl necklace, Styles delivers a twist on the preppy classic that was so popular throughout the 1990s.
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Skinny jeans and leopard tees? It's the emo boy bands of the 1990s at their finest. Think Backstreet Boys and NSYNC.
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Disrupting archaic gender fashion norms, Styles takes on a traditionally feminine trend of the '90s: pearls. And they're back in style with a vengeance.
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This casual look complete with slouchy pants and Vans sneakers is pulled right out of 1996.
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Suiting trends come and go, but the double-breasted look is decidedly '90s — and Styles pulls off a more tailored version like a pro.
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If you close your eyes and think of rockers from 1995, it's likely you'll come up with this outfit: a pair of skinny black jeans and an oversized V-neck white T-shirt.