10 Easy Beauty Swaps You Can Make Before Plastic-Free July 2022 Ends

Get one step closer to zero-waste.

Plastic free July 2022 is almost over, but these are easy swaps you can make at any time. Here, take...
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Though there’s so much left to be done, the beauty market has making great strides to become more eco-friendly. If you’ve been wanting to join the cause, going the plastic-free route can go a long way — and luckily, there are plenty of shampoos, lipsticks, and more to consider.

These hydrating Lip-to-Lid Balmies are not only plastic-free, but vegan and palm-oil free as well. Makeup artist Jessica Hurtado tells Bustle that she loves these for their high pigmentation and consistency.
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Izzy Zero Waste Mascara
Izzy Zero Waste Beauty
As the first zero-waste mascara, this is reusable, refillable, recyclable, and decarbonized (meaning its carbon emissions are as minimal as possible).
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Is it a hefty investment for a shaving tool? Sure...but it’s possibly the last one you’ll ever need to buy. This razor is stainless steel, zero-waste, and weighted which helps the blade glide more smoothly across the skin.
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Looking for an option with a lower price point? This drugstore razor comes in plastic-free packaging and has a thin bamboo handle accompanied by three replacement blades, making it more earthly-friendly than traditional disposable razors.
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Plum Beauty Oil
Le Prunier
A Chrissy Teigen favorite, this clean oil contains omega fatty acids and vitamin A and E to hydrate and heal damaged skin.
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Made with sensitive skin in mind, this solid shampoo bar is made with babassu oil and added betaine, which is derived from sugar beets, to help calm scalp irritation. It also has cocoa butter and glycerine to nourish and clean hair.
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LastSwab Beauty
Don’t worry, this reusable Q-tip is completely sanitary. Each swab lasts 1,000 uses and all you need to clean it is soap and water. As another plus, it comes in an adorable case made from repurposed ocean-bound plastic.
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Made with zinc oxide, coconut, carrot and red raspberry seed, and wheat germ oils, this balm offers sun protection and relief for irritated skin.
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Made with organic cotton and natural rubbers, these hair scrunchies are good for the planet and your strands.
Thanks to ingredients like witch hazel, banana extract, and vitamin E, this jelly spot treatment effectively treats maskne — or any acne, really — and prevents future breakouts.
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