10 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including the latest from Mohsin Hamid, Megan Giddings, and Farrah Rochon.

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Among this week’s highly-anticipated releases are some fantastic thrillers and romances.

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After Ronnie leaves her home in Queens to follow a charismatic influencer, she finds herself spending her days doing yoga and juice cleanses alongside fellow acolytes in Sedona. But not all is as it seems in this desert paradise — a fact that only becomes more clear once women start turning up dead.
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Devon and her family eat books to survive, savoring every word, remembering every page; for Devon, that’s meant a saccharine diet of fables and fairytales. But when her son is born with an appetite for minds, not books, she must find a way to contain his hunger — and learn that not every story has a happy ending.
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In the world of The Women Could Fly, women must marry by age 30, or else surrender to a lifetime of anti-witchcraft surveillance. Jo, a single Black woman, wrestles with this reality — and the legacy of her mother, who disappeared 14 years earlier — in the lead-up to her 30th birthday.
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When a mysterious illness begins to darken white people’s skin, Anders and Oona — a pair whose longtime friendship has recently deepened into something more — are forced to re-examine their relationship in light of a rapidly changing world.
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Mario became a hitman to pay his daughter’s medical bills, but all the money in the world couldn’t save her. Now, with his wife gone and their daughter buried, Mario tackles his most dangerous job yet: robbing a Mexican cartel shipment.
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In Mercury Pictures Presents, an Italian American immigrant working in ‘40s-era Hollywood takes charge of a failing movie studio, which quickly becomes a safe haven for European filmmakers fleeing the wreckage of WWII.
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In this coming-of-age novel, a young Indian immigrant struggles with her first professional job out of college while feeling the pangs of first love.
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As her birthday approaches, Cicely’s looking forward to communing with her aunt, Mimose, who happens to be an ultra-cool influencer and amateur vodou practitioner. But when Mimose is possessed in a ritual gone wrong, Cicely’s birthday party turns into a rescue mission.
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After taking her friends’ advice to pursue a casual fling, London winds up in bed with Drew, her infuriatingly handsome high school rival. Everything’s going well... until London realizes that Drew is the man responsible for determining the fate of her career.
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Fault Tolerance sees the La Sirena Negra journeying toward an uncharted space sector to save the Universe from an anonymous death threat. The crew have weathered many storms under the leadership of Captain Eva Innocente, but this will be their most dangerous mission yet.
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