Kristian Wilson Colyard is a Books Features Writer for Bustle. In addition to penning cover reveals for your new favorite books, she covers topics related to speculative fiction, new book releases, and writing. She really, really wishes The Winds of Winter would come out already, so that she can stop writing about when it might come out. Kristian has previously written for Elite Daily, LadyClever, The Artifice, and Nameberry. At her alma mater, the University of South Carolina, Upstate, she received both the Writer's INC Best Fiction Award and the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Award for 2015. In 2019, Kristian received her M.A. in English from Clemson University, where she focused on the early writings of Charlotte and Branwell Brontë. When she isn't writing for Bustle, Kristian writes fiction and poetry, reads, and plays video games at her home in the rural American South. She plays Dungeons & Dragons and Hyperlanes every week, and is always down to play Settlers of Catan, Arkham Horror, or Fortune & Glory. You can follow Kristian on Twitter and Instagram at @kristianwriting and find more of her work online at