10 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including new titles from Kianna Alexander, Sarah Gailey, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

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This week’s list features plenty of contemporary romance and speculative fiction.

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Summer and Aiko dated as teenagers, but their relationship somehow failed to launch. Now, Summer’s back in town to save the high school where they shared their first kiss — and Aiko’s overseeing the building’s demolition.
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When a fire alights, 19-year-old Avery and her brother Cole are forced to flee their religious compound for the first time. Now on the outside, they’ll learn the terrible truth: their parents are not their parents, and everything they’ve been told about the world is a lie.
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By tracing the author’s history of longstanding obsessions and repetitive, intrusive thoughts, Marianne Eloise’s memoir offers a glimpse into the inner workings of an “atypical” mind.
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This slim, powerful memoir-in-essays attempts to map Isaac Fitzgerald’s chaotic life, from his unhoused childhood to a nomadic — and colorful — adulthood.
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When she returns home to help her dying mother, Vera finds a tenant occupying the guest house — an artist, who’s there to be inspired by the horrors of Vera’s childhood. He must be the one leaving the notes she’s finding on the property, written in her dad’s handwriting... right?
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A boudoir photographer who specializes in making fat women feel confident finds herself on the other side of the camera — and working side-by-side with her biggest business rival — in this playful new contemporary romance.
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Someone’s murdering bloodsuckers at the Harcote School — an elite preparatory academy that caters to the children of wealthy vampires — and it’s up to two misfits, charity-case Kat and controversially lesbian Taylor, to crack the case, in Youngblood.
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The sheltered daughter of a controversial scientist begins to seriously question the motives of her father and his patron when the patron’s son, Eduardo, shows up at their secluded home.
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The 400-year-old ghost of a Spanish teenager falls in love with vacationing writer George Sand — a woman who can never know she exists — in this heartfelt work of literary fiction from memoirist Nell Stevens.
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After their father is accused of witchcraft, sisters Isla and Blue take refuge in the ruins of Londinium — a Roman city on the Thames believed to be uninhabited — where they find a ragtag bunch of women running from similar allegations.
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