10 Must-Read Books Out This Week

Including releases from Fiona Barton, Georgia Clark, and Lisa Taddeo.

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This week’s crop of new books is chock-full of thrillers and romances.

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In Fiona Barton’s latest, a detective spending her medical leave in a small, coastal town throws herself into an impromptu investigation after a man disappears.
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When a volcanic eruption traps them at their vacation destination for several weeks, a young married couple and their respective families — the stuffy Lees and carefree Kellys — are forced to spend plenty of quality time together, for better or worse.
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For more than a decade, three former campers — Amanda, Catherine, and Meg — have kept a grisly secret about their time at Camp Catalpa. Now, the secret’s threatening to destroy Amanda’s life, and she’ll have to reach out to Catherine and Meg for help.
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For their last summer before college, a tight-knit group of young filmmakers have planned the ultimate shoot: a Dracula retelling, set in an isolated Romanian castle. What could possibly go wrong?
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Ever since Zinnia rescued herself from a Sleeping Beauty story, her life has revolved around saving other women from the same fate. So when Snow White’s Evil Queen approaches her — in the hopes of escaping her own villainous, prewritten role — Zinnia has some choices to make.
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A No. 1 New Release on Amazon at the time of this writing, Jessica Nabongo’s The Catch Me If You Can recounts how she became the first Black woman to visit all 195 UN-recognized countries.
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A Ghanaian American med student questions her life choices after her carefully constructed world begins to crumble — and a handsome new man enters her life shortly thereafter.
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Lisa Taddeo, the author of Three Women and Animal, returns with a collection of short stories, many of which paint a portrait of women on the edge.
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If you’ve ever found yourself missing LiveJournal, or wondering why so many new books seem to have started on Wattpad, Kaitlyn Tiffany’s look at the rise of internet fan culture deserves a spot on your bedside table.
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This work of graphic journalism takes readers inside New York State Senator Julia Salazar’s first year in office, documenting her efforts to carve out a space for democratic socialist ideals within a capitalist political machine.
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