10 Must-Read Books Out This Week

Including new titles from Scarlett St. Clair and Leesa Cross-Smith.

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Get your reading fix with the week’s best new books.

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After they’re recruited into a support group, five women begin to share their stories — stories that have, for better or worse, gone viral. Four have survived the unthinkable, but the fifth seems as though she’s found her happily ever after. Will her partner also turn monstrous?
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In a world where North America was never colonized, an Ojibwe detective finds himself revisiting his mother’s murder — a crime his father confessed to have committed.
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Whether you’ve been watching since TOS or you’ve just gotten hooked on Discovery and Strange New Worlds, if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’re going to want to pick up this definitive oral history of the franchise.
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Three-time Pushcart Prize-winner Lydia Conklin makes their debut this week with Rainbow Rainbow, a collection of short fiction focused on queer and trans joy.
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This Close to Okay author Leesa Cross-Smith’s new novel, Half-Blown Rose, follows 44-year-old Vincent as she embarks on a Parisian romance after learning about her husband’s infidelity — and the child he may have kept secret from her.
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Aaron Foley’s Boys Come First follows three Black gay men living in Detroit — Dom, Troy, and Remy — as they wrestle with dating, friendship, and their careers.
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From the author of They’ll Never Catch Us comes The Counselors, a YA thriller set at a high-end summer camp. The story follows Goldie, a former camper-turned-counselor, as she looks into the circumstances surrounding a teen’s mysterious death.
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Between hosting his radio talk show and caring for his sick mom and younger brother, 17-year-old Prince doesn’t have time for romance. But when the ambitious Dani catches his eye, and she offers him the chance to prove himself — in just three dates — how can he say no?
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Sayon dreams of escaping his Bristol neighborhood to build a better life with his girlfriend, Shona. He’s been secretly dealing drugs to raise the necessary funds, and he’s almost home free — but a blackmail letter is about to change everything. Now he must choose: leave Shona behind, or risk her leaving him?
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The latest installment in Scarlett St. Clair’s Hades Saga centers on Hera and Hades. When Hades refuses to help her overthrow Zeus, Hera punishes him with a series of escalating trials, each of which diverts more of his attention away from his partner, Persephone.
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