10 New Must-Read Books Out This Week

Including a new memoir from U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo.

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Pick up new books from Joy Harjo, Mur Lafferty, Celeste Ng, Adam Silvera, and more this week.

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Black girls have been disappearing from Johnstown, Pennsylvania for years, but sadly, most locals are content to overlook the problem. So when Caroline goes missing on her mom’s wedding day, it’s up to her mom’s best friend, Liz, to find her before it’s too late.
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Kylie Lee Baker’s sequel to The Keeper of Night finds Ren Scarborough — heir to both the British Reapers and Japanese Shinigami — forced to make a deal with self-interested gods in order to keep Japan safe from the new British goddess of death.
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Even after she was proved innocent, Ilsbeth Clark’s neighbors drowned her in a well. Now, centuries later, two old friends turned rivals find themselves drawn to Ilsbeth’s story — with potentially deadly results.
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Isla has inherited a strange family legacy: the ability to watch her ancestors’ stories play out before her. It's a magical talent, but it comes with a downside. One of the stories she sees concerns an old murder mystery — and Isla will have to solve it, if she wants to survive.
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Jo Monarch grew up in the Ashes, on the outskirts of New Georgia, and she has only one chance to make it out: the Line Up. She makes it past the first test, but with a young bachelor from a powerful family ready and waiting to ruin her chances at the Gala, it may be game over.
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Joy Harjo’s latest memoir moves through 50 years of the poet’s life, ruminating on the myriad ways in which America has changed — and the institutional problems that have impeded much of the country’s potential progress.
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Mallory is cursed to always be at the scene of a murder. She moved to a sentient space station to get away from her fellow humans — and any potential crimes that may befall them — but with more humans headed her way, it won’t be long before she’ll have to solve another murder.
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From the author of Little Fires Everywhere comes this novel about a near-future America where a desire to preserve “American culture” has led to widespread censorship — and worse. Amid this tumult, one boy seeks out his long-lost mother.
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After finding a strange manuscript among her late father's belongings, an artist feels compelled to draw the monsters it describes. She’s planning to sell the book as a collaboration, but she’s soon forced down a different path when she realizes the monsters may be real.
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In this prequel to They Both Die at the End, two young men in a budding relationship must reckon with the fallout when one of them learns he will die long before the other.
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