10 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including a new rom-com from Jasmine Guillory and a highly-anticipated novel from Yiyun Li.

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New lit-fic and rom-coms await eager readers this week.

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I Was Their American Dream author Malaka Gharib returns to store shelves this week with another graphic memoir. It Won’t Always Be Like This recounts a series of summers that a young Gharib spent in Cairo with her father, stepmother, and half-siblings.
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Margot's living a nightmare: After a one-night stand, she showed up to work to learn that she’d accidentally gotten entangled with her new employee, Luke. She was already stressed about her job at the family winery, and having Luke around isn’t going to make it any easier. (Read an exclusive excerpt here.)
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Teenaged Kat thinks she’s finally found her people in North Carolina's punk scene. But when a chance encounter with a photographer catapults her to fame within the subculture, Kat soon finds herself making tough compromises in order to stay relevant.
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Laura came of age in America when the country was eager to leave the mystical arts behind, and pursue instead non-magical technologies. As a talented young mage, Laura hardly agrees with this direction — but when she’s forced to take a job at a government bureau, she learns that there’s much more to the history of magic in the U.S. than meets the eye.
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Agnès and Fabienne grew up together in rural France, but life circumstances tore them apart. By the time Agnès learns of Fabienne’s death, the two haven’t spoken for years — and in the wake of her old friend’s passing, Agnès finally opens up about their friendship.
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When her husband dies at a relatively young age, Naina finds that she isn’t ready to spend the rest of her life in mourning. Instead, she embarks on a journey of adventure and self-discovery, defying societal expectations for a widowed woman.
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Bee, a plus-sized adult film star, knew she couldn’t land a role in the Hope Channel’s new Christmas movie without fudging the truth. She’s determined to keep everyone on set in the dark about her porn career... which makes it even more inconvenient that Nolan — her childhood crush, who happens to know about her job history — is playing her love interest.
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Micah’s Instagram account is full of sketches of his “boyfriends”: cute boys he sees around Chicago. But after lusting from afar for so long, he finally decides to go after one guy and pop the one question he’s never been brave enough to ask: Will you go out with me?
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Everything was going great for Gwyn... until Wells came to town. He opened a competing witchcraft shop right across the street from hers, just ahead of Halloween. Watch as their rivalry heats up — and then gets a little too steamy — in The Kiss Curse.
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The fourth book in Elizabeth Strout’s Amgash saga finds the formerly married Lucy and William forced to weather COVID-19 quarantine together in the cramped quarters of a beach house in Maine.
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