The Best New Books Out This Week, From ‘Caul Baby’ to ‘Peaces’

Morgan Jerkins’ debut novel and Helen Oeyemi’s Gingerbread follow-up are on this week’s list of must-reads.

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This week's most exciting books include 11 new YA, horror, and literary novels.

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When his prom-posal plans are dashed by a homophobic cyberattack, a small-town high school student finds himself on a mission to unmask the anonymous bully.

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'Caul Baby' by Morgan Jerkins
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The Melancon family is in the magic business. But when a child born outside their clan promises to have the same powers, the Melancons adopt her and shield her from the outside world — until her birth mother finally catches up to her.

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An American ballerina studying in France for the summer has her plans interrupted when a handsome Parisian boy shows her the city’s greatest sights. Mia was in town on business... but is there time for a little romance as well?

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Two of the stories in Kim Bo-young’s I’m Waiting for You follow a pair of lovers who, amid cosmic interferences, struggle to make it home in time for their wedding. The other two center on a holy man whose faith is shaken when the gods try to squash his child’s rebellion.

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A teenager cursed with the ability to see the future must try to change it when he learns that his younger brother is fated to die — and soon.

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Markriss has just been given the chance to board the Ark — a safe haven for the privileged few — but what he finds inside will force him to question everything he thought to be true.

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Gingerbread author Helen Oyeyemi returns to shelves this week with Peaces. In this surreal novel, two men and their pet mongoose board a train for a much-needed holiday, but find themselves caught up in a whimsical mystery for the ages.

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Years after they used an old spell to siphon ambition out of stolen treasure, two young friends are forced into one last gold heist, in Sanjena Sathian’s powerful debut.

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Ann Shin’s debut novel follows a pair of young lovers torn apart by famine. When her boyfriend does not return to their university after visiting his family in rural North Korea, a well-to-do student sets out from Pyongyang on a mission to find him.

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