10 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including new releases from Charlie Jane Anders and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

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Fans of both fiction and nonfiction will find something to love this week.

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Writers and other creatives who’ve struggled with productivity amid the pandemic will find solace and inspiration in Never Say You Can’t Survive, a guide for telling stories in unprecedented times.
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After discovering her long-missing twin brother’s remains in her father’s grave, Dahlia decides to conduct her own homicide investigation. Her family has always been fascinated with murder, but they couldn’t kill one of their own... right?
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Through a series of connected stories, Gordo chronicles the lives of people living in a migrant workers camp in 1970s California.
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In the second installment in her Wolves of No World series, Romina Garber continues to follow Manu — an ultra-rare female werewolf whose mixed-race background makes her very existence illegal — as she searches for a place to call home in a world not built for her.
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In this new music biography, journalist Kathy Iandoli presents new information about the final days of beloved pop star Aaliyah, who died in a tragic plane crash at age 22.
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Maite, a secretary who reads romantic thrillers, and Elvis, an enforcer who happens to be a classic movie buff, are both looking for the same missing woman. But what will happen when their paths cross?
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From Nichole Perkins, the host of the podcast This Is Good For You, comes this collection of essays about how pop culture has affected her life.
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Former football player Jamar needs help getting back into shape, but he doesn’t want the sports media to know what he’s up to. So when he and the down-on-her-luck trainer he’s hired are mistaken for a romantic couple, the two have no choice but to fake-date.
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American Ballet Theatre’s James Whiteside recounts his time onstage as a dancer, DJ, and drag queen in this memorable memoir.
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Wealthy white women have long dominated the mainstream feminist discourse. Rafia Zakaria lays out a different path for the movement — one that centers women of color, and stands in opposition to colonialism and white supremacy — in Against White Feminism.
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