9 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including two witchy debut novels.

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Not one, but two debut books about witches hit stores this week.

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After a string of wars depletes Manningtree’s male population, the women have been largely left to their own devices. But rumors of witchy behavior have been circling the tiny, 17th century town, and the self-proclaimed Witchfinder General has come to investigate.
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Matilda’s always wished she wasn’t beholden to the rules — that she could practice magic, even dark magic, without consequences. And when mysterious things start happening around town, she finds herself under suspicion. She couldn’t be responsible if she has no memory of those events... right?
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From the author of Sorcerer to the Crown and Black Water Sister comes this short story collection. First published in 2014, Zen Cho’s Spirits Abroad is back in a revised and updated edition that contains nine new stories.
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After saving her sister and the other Good Luck Girls from bondage, Aster is determined to liberate another oppressed community: the dustbloods, who live in debt slavery to Arketta's landmasters. But to rescue them, Aster’s going to need help.
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Louis Edwards’ Ramadan Ramsey follows its eponymous protagonist as he journeys from post-Katrina New Orleans to Syria, searching for his father — who may not even know he has a son.
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At Summer’s End centers on Alberta, a young painter who seizes her chance at recognition when she’s invited to spend the summer at Castle Braemore, the Earl of Wakeford’s country home. But when she arrives, she finds that the castle’s residents — particularly the Earl — aren’t as she expected.
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The Adlers seem to have it all. But when unidentifiable strangers in hoodies begin vandalizing their property, only to escalate to more violent acts, the picture-perfect family must confront their demons.
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When a Chicago-based artist finds herself in an alternate reality, she's determined to find her way back to her own timeline. But the more she learns about her new life in Michigan, the more frightened she becomes.
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When she set out to investigate a family legend about her grandmother’s immigrant cousins, Julie Klam wasn’t sure what she’d find. The stories she’d heard turned out to be mostly false — but she learned plenty about her family, and herself, along the way.
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