9 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including Hanya Yanagihara’s much-anticipated new novel.

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Fans of fantasy and literary fiction will find a lot to love this week.

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An elderly woman living with Alzheimer’s looks back on her the life she built with her husband, and the time they spent investigating the secrets of the strange island where they lived.
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'Ashes of Gold' by J. Elle
Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery
In J. Elle’s follow-up to Wings of Ebony, Rue finds herself leading the demigods of Ghizon in a rebellion against the magic-stealing Chancellor.
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An Irish immigrant and a Black woman enslaved on the plantation where he works fall in love in this heartbreaking, based-on-a-true-story novel from debut author Tammye Huf.
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Gwen E. Kirby’s Shit Cassandra Saw is a collection filled with short stories about imperfect women who refuse to cow to others’ expectations, stretching all the way back to the Cassandra of Greek myth to
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'Wahala' by Nikki May
Harriett's Bookshop
Ronke, Simi, and Boo have been best friends for a long time. But when a fourth woman enters the picture, cracks begin to appear in the foundation of their once-strong bond.
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This novel, based on the Chang’e myth, follows a girl whose mother raised her in secret — and in exile — on the moon. When hiding from prying eyes becomes impossible, she must venture into the Celestial Kingdom, where new dangers await.
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In this queer, gender-bent “Sleeping Beauty” story from debut author Leslie Vedder, Briar Rose is a sleeping prince and only Fi, a treasure-hunting historian, can wake him.
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Twenty years ago, Chloe’s father was convicted of a series of murders. She’s worked hard to build a good life for herself, far from his dark legacy. But when teens begin to disappear again, Chloe can’t help but notice similarities to her dad’s case.
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Over the course of three stories, each set 100 years apart, A Little Life author Hanya Yanagihara weaves a story of love, community, class, and freedom.
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