10 Must-Read New Books Out This Week

Including new releases from Sonali Dev and Leah Johnson.

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A Sense and Sensibility retelling, a #MeToo memoir, and more new books are out this week.

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A friend of Grace’s, the late church receptionist, reaches out in an email, not knowing the other woman is dead — and Gilda, Grace’s replacement, finds herself pretending to be someone she isn’t. It seems like a kind lie... until the woman’s death comes under heavy scrutiny.
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Ava hasn’t been the same since her girlfriend died. That is, until she meets Mat, her handsome and charming new boss, and strikes up an unexpected romance. If it all seems too good to be true, that’s because it is.
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Years after she woke up with amnesia, Addison still doesn’t know who she was. Some time after his wife disappeared, Julian’s still trying to find out if it was a case of abandonment... or abduction. Is Addison the long-lost Cassandra, or is the truth far more sinister?
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When his friend becomes the target of a hate crime, Yash, the would-be governor of California, finds himself thrust back into India’s orbit. India, now a well-known stress expert, is the woman Yash spent one magical night with, 10 years earlier — the woman he’s forbidden to love.
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When two young women are liberated from an abductor, Miss Metropolitan — the perpetrator’s neighbor — is floored. As a “newspaperwoman,” shouldn’t she have seen the signs? And what about the third girl, who went missing with the survivors, but has yet to be found?
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When she alleged that a powerful journalist had sexually assaulted her, Shiori Ito opened the floodgates for victims in Japan to come forward and bring their attackers to justice. For Ito, the battle would be long fought. Her gripping memoir is out this week in English.
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Two girls reeling from personal tragedies connect at a weekend music festival in this new YA romance. Olivia’s still caught up in the aftermath of a bad breakup, and Toni’s mourning her late father — but all they may need to heal is good music, a little time, and one another.
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After Shiori accidentally reveals her magical powers to her sorceress stepmother, she must bear the burden of protecting her newly cursed brothers’ lives. The boys have been turned into cranes, and if Shiori utters one word, they’ll die. She has to save them... but how?
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A pilot faces an impossible decision in T.J. Newman’s tense debut. Blackmailed by abductors who are holding his wife and children hostage, one man must decide: Will he risk losing his family, or crash a plane full of passengers to save them?
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A solitary woman’s relationship with a friendly, wild fox at her off-the-grid home lends structure to Fox and I: a memoir about love, companionship, and humanity’s relationship to the natural world.
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