The Best New Books Out This Week, From Rom-coms To Memoirs

Readers of all stripes will be delighted by these new arrivals.

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Alyssa Cole, Joanne M. Harris, and Katherine Johnson lead off this week’s best new books.

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In this follow-up to Saints and Misfits, Janna’s preparing for her brother’s wedding by planning what she’ll say to Nuah — the guy she turned down once, and will surely ask again. But things get complicated quickly, as Janna finds herself torn between three attractive men.
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A writer tries to plan her BFF’s wedding while facing a looming book deadline in this clever debut. Kara thinks she has everything under control, but an unexpected reunion with her ex — who just happens to be in the wedding party — is about to throw a wrench into her plans.
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Makeda is pulled into a game of international intrigue when an investigator, Bez, shows up at her door with the news that she may be the long-lost heir to the Ibaranian throne. The two women aren't too keen on each other, but that may soon change.
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From the author of The Gospel of Loki comes this collection of all-new fairytales, which is sure to delight any fantasy reader.
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Best known as one of the human “computers” who helped the United States win the Space Race, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Katherine Johnson tells the story of her fascinating life in this posthumously published memoir.
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The follow-up to Meg and Jo, Beth and Amy continues its modern-day retelling of Little Women. In this novel, the younger March sisters find themselves rediscovering the virtues of home when they reunite for Jo’s wedding.
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Two junior high students bullied for things they cannot control connect in this heartbreaking novel from Breasts and Eggs author Mieko Kawakami.
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In this captivating space opera, a girl whose genetics mark her as a liability teams up with a pair of wealthy heirs to plot a coup against their space station home.
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When his sister-in-law dies, Patrick steps in to parent her two grieving children, and shenanigans ensue.
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As a plantation mistress in antebellum Louisiana has her portrait painted, the lives of those around her — both her relatives and the people she keeps enslaved — come into striking focus.
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