A New Rom-Com From Casey McQuiston & 9 More Must-Reads Out This Week

Including new releases from Tahereh Mafi and Ashley C. Ford.

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Romance, adventure, and fantasy await you in the best new books out this week.

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Writer and 112BK podcast host Ashley C. Ford navigates her shifting relationship with her previously incarcerated father in her debut memoir, Somebody’s Daughter.

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When his jealousy toward a trans influencer reaches a boiling point, trans man Pen curses a picture on his Instagram feed... but winds up cursing an innocent bystander instead.

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Set in the early days of the Iraq War, An Emotion of Great Delight follows Shadi, an American hijabi. Shadi has been struggling to deal with her family’s grief and her community’s Islamophobia, and it’s about to become too much to bear.

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A has-been writer navigates a tenuous relationship with a young ingenue in this new novel from the author of Tangerine. It’s 1966 in Venice, and Gilly can’t get enough of Frankie — a novelist living in the city alone. But what does Gilly really want from Frankie?

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From the author of Red, White & Royal Blue comes this new rom-com about a cynic who falls for an accidental time traveler — and must help her return to her own era, 40 years in the past.

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A popular Eloko influencer finds herself canceled when she outs another girl as a Siren: a person with feared and maligned magical gifts. Naema’s determined to get back on top, but will she have to destroy her own following to do it?

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Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Malibu Rising centers on four siblings, all celebrities in the California surf scene, as they throw one last end-of-season bash... with catastrophic results.

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Following their 1993 move to America, Ly Tran’s entire family worked in their Brooklyn apartment to sew men’s accessories for income. In House of Sticks, Tran retraces those memories, and walks readers through the complexities of her own identity as a Vietnamese American.

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Nghi Vo’s debut novel reinvents The Great Gatsby with a queer, magical twist. Centering on Jordan Baker, a Vietnamese adoptee raised by white parents, The Chosen and the Beautiful revisits Jazz Age Long Island to tell F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic story from a new perspective.

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Just when her prophetic visions of other people’s breakups have caused her to give up on love, Evie finds herself falling for her dance partner. X never says “no” to anything... but can Evie find a way to say “yes”?

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