8 Full House Quotes From John Stamos’ Uncle Jesse To Live By

John Stamos’ American Idol appearance made us nostalgic for Uncle Jesse and his words of wisdom.

by Mary Kate McGrath
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“Watch the hair!”

On Full House, Uncle Jesse was obsessed with his hair, speaking sweet nothings to it in the mirror. He also didn’t like anyone to mess with his locks. Thus, one of his many catchphrases — “Watch the hair” — was born. Honestly, be like Uncle Jesse, and don’t let anyone touch your hair either.

“I’m worth it.”

When Aunt Becky wanted to know why Jesse was dying his hair, he responded, “Because I’m worth it.” Uncle Jesse was a self-love king from the start on Full House — and its spinoff Fuller House. Be your own biggest fan.

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“Have mercy.”

Another Uncle Jesse catchphrase was “have mercy.” He often used it in the context of his romantic life, but fans could expect to hear him utter the relatable phrase anytime he was trying to catch a break. And who doesn’t need a little mercy every once in a while?

“Talk to me.”

Uncle Jesse would get right to the point when he picked up the phone on Full House. In today’s Zoom culture, who hasn’t been tempted to hop on a call and ask everyone to get down to business? Try it.

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“Things have a way of working out for the best.”

Oh, to be living the carefree lifestyle Uncle Jesse must have been when he let this nugget of wisdom drop on Full House: “See, Beck, it’s like the old saying: Things have a way of working out for the best. And when they work out, you just have to stand back and say, ‘Hey.’” Stand back. Hey.

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“Remember how tough I was?”

In one memorable Full House scene, Uncle Jesse tried to defend his own honor by pointing out that he once had chickenpox and got through it. He hadn’t actually had chicken pox as a kid, but if he had, he would’ve been so brave. Same, Uncle Jesse, same. Let’s all be tough today.

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“I love you this much!”

Uncle Jesse might have been the wildcard of the family, but he always let everyone know how much he loved them. In one adorable scene, he held his arms wide apart to show Michelle how much he loved her. Go for it! Tell your loved ones you love them today, just like he did all those years ago.

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