10 Photos To Remember Joe & Jill Biden’s Late First Dog Champ

“RIP to our sweet, good boy, Champ.”

Win McNamee/Getty Images
On June 19, President Joe Biden shared a moving message about his German Shepherd, saying Champ was “a constant, cherished companion” who for 13 years was “adored by the entire Biden family.”
Champ had been with the Biden family since his puppy days, standing by Biden’s side through many of his government roles.
The Biden family’s statement noted that “Wherever we were, he wanted to be, and everything was instantly better when he was next to us.”
Champ, who was with Biden when he was vice president, was happiest “chasing golf balls on the front lawn of the Naval Observatory.”

Saul Loeb/Getty Images

“In our most joyful moments and in our most grief-stricken days, he was there with us, sensitive to our every unspoken feeling and emotion.”

“Even as Champ’s strength waned in his last months, when we came into a room, he would immediately pull himself up, his tail always wagging, and nuzzle us for an ear scratch or a belly rub.”
Champ lived in the White House alongside Major, who the Bidens adopted in 2018, marking the first time a rescue dog has lived on the premises.
The family once included Champ in their Christmas message, showing the dog’s chill and calm presence.
Ana Navarro-Cárdenas shared a photo of Biden petting Champ in the Oval Office, emphasizing how “kindness and love to animals” is a positive trait in people.
FLOTUS Jill Biden tweeted about Champ, simply writing: “RIP to our sweet, good boy, Champ. We will miss you always.”