The Best New Books Out The Week Of September 14

Including a hot new novel set in a haunting alternate reality.

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Romance and suspense are in the cards for readers this week.

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A man trapped in a dangerous labyrinth of a house investigates its deepest mysteries in his search for the information that the Other — the only creature he knows beside himself — wants in this dark follow-up to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

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A grieving teenager heads for the safety of a residential college-prep program, only to find her new school under attack from supernatural forces with a strange connection to her mother's death, in Tracy Deonn's debut fantasy adventure.

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From the associate director of branded content at Bustle's parent company, BDG Media, comes this funny and touching debut about a Korean-American girl who lands a K-pop traineeship after entering a contest on a dare. Trainees can't date, but a love triangle finds Stephan Lee's heroine anyway.

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A collection of stories revolving around the Rwandan genocide — and informed by the author's own experiences amid the tragedy — Scholastique Mukasonga's Igifu is a deeply emotional book you won't soon forget.

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Before I Let Go author Marieke Nijcamp returns to bookstores this week with Even If We Break: a YA thriller in which five friends gather at an isolated cabin, where all their true and shocking feelings come to light.

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If you're looking for a visual feast of a book this week, J.W. Ocker's Cursed Objects is the one for you. This eye-catching miscellany is perfect for anyone who wants a treasure chest of weird trivia to peruse.

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Eragon author Christopher Paolini publishes his long-awaited adult debut this week. A spacefaring adventurer becomes humanity's last hope for survival after she discovers that first contact is a horrorshow in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.

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A new take on the Arthurian legends, Signe Pike's The Forgotten Kingdom centers on Languoreth, a widowed pagan who has just become the new queen of the Christian Angles, and her brother Lailoken, who has teamed up with another man, Artur, in an attempt to unite the country under a single banner.

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The first day of Norah's residency goes horribly awry, but things start to look up when her relationship with her mentor grows steamy. When she unwittingly becomes part of a coverup operation to avoid a malpractice suit, however, Norah is forced to confront what really matters to her.

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Wendy Walker's new psychological thriller is Don't Look for Me. Did Molly Clarke decide to ghost on her entire life and start over somewhere — and as someone — else, or did a fate far more sinister befall her?

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