This New Christmas Inspired Romance Novel Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Plus there are some royal hijinks involved.

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A Jenny Holiday romance, an Aimee Molloy thriller, and more land in stores this week.

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A poor boy living in rural Senegal gets a chance at a new and better life when his cousin's renowned Koran teacher offers to take him on as well. But once he's whisked away to Dakar, he is forced to beg on the streets in order to make his new teacher wealthy.
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After D.W. Griffith puts a spell on the United States with Birth of a Nation, the Ku Klux Klan comes up with a plan to open the gates of Hell. Three Black women who have already survived KKK violence are all that stands between the Klan and total domination in Ring Shout.
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Coming of age isn't easy for anyone, but Evvie has it harder than most. She's working to help her single mom support her two younger sisters, she's Black in the 1960s South, and she's got Jubilation: a set of magical powers all women in her family possess from puberty onward.
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Featuring interviews with some of the most famous queer people on the planet — including Margaret Cho, Billie Jean King, Adam Rippon, and more — Andrew Gelwicks' The Queer Advantage is a must-read book about finding community, organizing for progress, and blazing your own trail.
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As the battle for women's suffrage heats up, three sisters — formerly estranged and recently reconnected as suffragettes — turn to centuries-old magical practices in their fight for equality in this new novel from the author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January.
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Leo, a gruff cabbie with a heart of gold, doesn't expect his next rider to be a real princess, but that's exactly what Marie of Eldovia is. Her country is in trouble, and she needs help navigating NYC until she goes home. What's a good guy to do?
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The Woman Upstairs author Claire Messud's new "autobiography in essays" examines her globetrotting childhood and much-lauded writing practice. With NaNoWriMo just around the corner, Kant's Little Prussian Head is a must-read for any writer.
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After moving to upstate New York to be near her therapist husband's sick mother, Annie spends her days listening in on Sam and his patients. But when Sam fails to come home one day, Annie is forced to reexamine everything she knows — and doesn't know — about the man she married.
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'The Midnight Bargain' by C.L. Polk
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From the author of Witchmark comes this all-new fantasy novel about a woman who must choose between her magical abilities and paying off her family's debt. Marrying a rich man means saving her parents from poverty... and giving up her dreams of becoming a Magus.
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The members of the Carrion Crow clan have been waiting on the return of their savior: the reincarnated god who will exact vengeance on the Sun Priest of Tova. Now, as a solar eclipse prepares to black out the sun on the winter solstice, a strange passenger sails toward Tova.
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