There's A Practical Magic Sequel Out Just In Time For Halloween

The new novel centers on the matriarch of the amazing Owens women.

The best books out this week include releases from Alice Hoffman and V.E. Schwab.

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Marcus stars on Gods of the Gates: one of fandom TV's hottest shows. April's cosplay of his love interest just went viral. Palling around with her at the next fan convention, he realizes she's his BFF from the Gods of the Gates fanfiction world. Will he risk his job to tell her?
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Heid E. Erdrich's timely new poetry collection, Little Big Bully, focuses on Native American and First Nations women's experiences on interpersonal and institutional levels.
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In this prequel to Practical Magic, Alice Hoffman explores the origins of the Owens family curse. Take a walk in Maria Owens' 17th-century shoes and follow the family matriarch as she learns to love, before losing everything, in Magic Lessons.
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A woman discovers a portal in her uncle's house that leads to parallel worlds in The Hollow Places. Her curiosity soon turns to terror as she realizes that the creatures who live in these other realities can read her mind. Worse, they know exactly how much they frighten her.
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Shortlisted for a mission to colonize Mars, 37-year-old Solvig finally has the chance to make her dreams come true. But there's no coming back from the red planet, and she's built the foundation of a life with her partner, James. Can she have both Mars and a traditional family?
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Growing up, Natsuki explained away her differences by convincing herself she was an alien. Feeling pressured to hit adult milestones that she's not even sure she wants to pursue, she flees for the comforts of her childhood, not knowing what that decision may mean for her family.
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When her native Puerto Rico finally gets its chance to compete in the Blazewrath World Cup, Lana Torres has the chance to achieve international superstardom. Follow Lana as she gets caught up in an international intrigue in Amparo Ortiz's queer YA fantasy, Blazewrath Games.
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Studio Ghibli fans looking for an uneasy twist on their old favorites should check out Hiroko Oyamada's The Hole, in which an isolated young woman follows a strange creature into a dark wonderland filled with off-kilter magic.
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Centuries ago, Addie LaRue made a bargain: live forever, but never be remembered. It's worked out OK for Addie, even if she does get lonely sometimes. But now someone remembers her name, and she can't bear to lose him, even though they've just met.
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Scotland Yard's Inspector Treadles has been found locked in a room with two corpses. Lady Sherlock knows her old friend couldn't have killed those men, but she'll have to pull out all the stops to solve this mystery in Murder on Cold Street.
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