There Are A Ton Of Great Rom-Com Novels Out This Week

Including new ones from Sonya Lalli and Alicia Rai.

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This week brings an eclectic mix of new books to delight every kind of reader.

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Jezebel's Tracy Clark-Flory's Want Me analyzes pop culture and its effect on young women's sexual development. Part memoir, part cultural criticism, this book is perfect for Millennial and Gen-Z readers looking to make sense of their adolescence.
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Focusing on the centuries that passed between the start of the transatlantic slave trade and the rise of the Jim Crow era, Unsung brings together abolitionist documents and life-writing pieces to provide a better look at Black lives in colonial and early America.
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A 7-year-old girl traveling with her salesman father unknowingly witnesses the tumult of the Pinochet regime in María José Ferrada's beautifully crafted debut novel, How to Order the Universe.
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Nathan created Martine to be the perfect wife. Too bad he was already married to Evelyn. In Sarah Gailey's new novel, two women, one a clone of the other, must work together to save themselves when a confrontation with their shared lover turns violent.
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When deer begin attacking people in one Midwestern city, a group of retirees assembles to fight back. Meanwhile, a 9-year-old girl searches for the mother who has abandoned her, and an immigrant taxidermist finds the link between the deer and the deadbeat parents.
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In her new biography, science writer Liz Heinecke examines the unlikely friendship between two immigrants: physicist Marie Curie and dancer Loie Fuller. Brought together by radium, Curie and Fuller forged a friendship that would last a lifetime in turn-of-the-century France.
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Serena's desire to live out her days happy, free, and single conflict with her traditional parents' expectations. She's kept people at arm's length to pursue her lofty career goals, but when she makes a new friend at work, her whole life begins to change.
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When a scandal threatens the reputation of their prestigious prep school, nine students find themselves in the midst of a mounting storm. A dark and exhilarating debut, Emily Layden's All Girls is sure to be one of 2021's most talked-about novels.
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A young equestrian abused by her father — who is also her riding coach — falls into her first love in Susan Mihalic's Dark Horses. Roan Montgomery's whole life has been spent under her father's thumb. What will he do when she begins to imagine a future without him?
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'Soulstar' by C.L. Polk
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When a nation's long-oppressed witches move to liberate themselves, one woman who has spent her life in hiding emerges from the shadows. Robin finally has the chance to live a full, magical life, but what about her first love, whom she has not seen in 20 years?
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A cosmetics influencer gets catfished by someone pretending to be a hunky soap opera star in Alisha Rai's First Comes Like. Soon everyone thinks Dev and Jia are dating, and you know what that means. Time to fake-date it 'til you make it.
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In Karin Tidbeck's The Memory Theater, two young friends destined to be killed by their Masters cross the boundary between worlds in search of a place where they can live out their lives in peace, but they're working against a ticking clock that's counting down to their doom.
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