This Collection On Female Scammers Is Perfect For Anna Delvey Obsessed Readers

Plus a new graphic novel about Wonder Woman's sister is out this week.

The Best New Books, Week Of February 22
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New novels from Seanan McGuire and Nalini Singh top this week's list of new releases.

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The American-born daughter of a Japanese woman and an American G.I., Elizabeth Miki Brina explores her racial and national identities in Speak, Okinawa.
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When an author wrestling with writer's block lands a Paris-based residency, she thinks she'll finally be able to finish her book. But lazing around her swanky apartment, she becomes increasingly convinced that she's being watched, in Flowers of Darkness.
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In 1944, a desperate mother hands her newborn baby to a depot worker before she boards a train bound for Auschwitz. Nine years later, she finds the man and his wife raising her son as their own, and a legal battle begins to unfold.
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In the third installment of her alt-history Gunnie Rose series, Charlaine Harris returns to a magic-infused version of the United States. This time around, Lizbeth needs to take on the entire Holy Russian Empire to rescue her lover from trumped-up murder charges.
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Georgina Lawton's brown skin and textured hair set her apart from the rest of her family, but no one acted as if anything was out of the ordinary. Only after her father's death did Lawton learn the truth and set out in search of answers, a journey she recounts in Raceless.
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The 10th novel in Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series, Calculated Risks finds Sarah wrestling with her cuckoo heritage. Adrift in a parallel world where none of her old friends seem to recognize her, Sarah's come into her power... but what will that mean for her future?
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Centering on Wonder Woman's sister, L.L. McKinney and Robyn Smith's Nubia: Real One follows the eponymous heroine as she deals with her white neighbors' perceptions of her as a threat and her calling to use her superpowers for good.
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When a series of murders threatens to reveal to the humans of Toronto that faeries lurk in their midst, four queer, outcast teens must join forces to stop the killer before a war between mortals and immortals tears apart the entire world, in A Dark and Hollow Star.
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Ten years after a trophy wife disappeared from her wealthy neighborhood with $250,000, her skeletonized remains turn up nearby, forcing everyone in her community to deal with the skeletons in their own closet, in Nalini Singh's Quiet in Her Bones.
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From the author of Lady Killers comes this new group biography about women, from around the world and across time, who have made their livings by scamming unsuspecting victims out of millions.
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